What is Window Defender? How to Activate

Friends, in today’s article, we will talk about what is Window Defender and what are its features as well as the know-how to activate it. friends, if you have not heard about Windows Defender, then in today’s article you will get complete information about Windows Defender, then please read this article till the end.

If you have a virus on your computer when you download and install antivirus from the internet to remove that virus but do you know that this antivirus will really save viruses on your computer because on the internet you also get antivirus free But do these free antivirus versions give real-time tension in your computer, so in today’s article we will tell you about real-time tension, how you can activate Windows Defender in your computer.

You will find both free and paid antivirus on the internet. Paid antivirus kills all viruses, but free antivirus does not kill viruses Finds only antivirus option handy.

What is Window Defender ?

Windows Defender is an application that does not have to be installed separately on the computer, it is absolutely free and this application protects your computer from virus popup virus attack when any kind of merit list activities in other words we can say that it is a Acts like an antivirus that keeps your computer secure.

It provides real-time production to your computer because Windows defender gives warning before installing this software This Windows Defender Will Show You A Message That This Software Is Harmful To Your Computer.

Most people do not know about Windows Defender, what is Windows Defender, how to activate it because we usually see that Windows Defender in the computer remains in active mode until you activate Windows Defender Until then it will not work on your computer.

So let us now learn how to activate Windows Defender on your computer or laptop. You will have to delete or uninstall the old antivirus, then only you will be able to activate Windows Defender on your computer.

Deleting old antivirus is a reason because if you activate or install any antivirus on your computer then windows defender gets deactivated automatically so we have to first delete any antivirus which is installed in your computer It happens.

How to Activate Window Defender?

1. Open Control Panel

window defender 01

To activate Windows Defender on your laptop or computer, first, you have to go to the control panel of the computer.

2. Click on Window Defender.

window defender activate

When you open the Control Panel, you will see many options in which you have to click on Windows Defender, clicking on it will open Windows Defender.

3. Turn on Window Defender

window defender kya hai

To turn on Window Defender, you have to click on Turn Window Defender Firewall On or Off. On clicking, you will see a red color cross sign on a screen which means that the window defender is not on yet. You have to click on it to turn it on.

window defender turn on

Window defender will be activated by clicking on turn on. If the option for the update is visible, then you should update it.

Features of Window Defender

  • Windows Defender does not have to be installed separately, it is an inbuilt application in the operating system and is absolutely free.
  • Windows Defender does not have to be downloaded from any third party website.
  • Activating Windows Defender never slows down the computer whereas installing Antivirus slows down the computer.
  • Windows Defender is free while Antivirus is a paid version.

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