What is Twitter? How to Use and Benefits of Twitter

In today’s article, we will talk about what is Twitter and what are its benefits. You will get complete information about this through this post. Many people in the world know that there is such a thing as Twitter. But there are many who are either not aware of Twitter at all or have little information. So today I want to tell you through this post that if you have read this article properly then you can run Twitter in a very good way.

We have often heard that the celebrity said this by tweeting. And we hear all these many times through news channels. Most people think that only grown people or celebrities can use Twitter, but today let me tell you one thing Twitter is not only for those people but any person can make their own Twitter account and use it fully. could.

So let’s not delay much, first of all, let us know about what is Twitter –

What is Twitter?

How it Works Twitter

Twitter is a social networking site and online micro-blogging service, using which you can connect with people on Twitter. Whatever post you write on Twitter is known as a tweet.

The most important thing about Twitter is that you can read tweets made by people without creating a Twitter account, but if you want to give an opinion about it or if you agree with their words, then for this you need to create a Twitter account. is needed.

Through Twitter, you can get daily information about all those topics which are discussed all over the world.

History of Twitter

Twitter was founded on March 21, 2006. Its creators are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Earlier it was named Twitch, later it was changed to Twitter. As its popularity increased. Twitter’s name started being in the whole world. Twitter is one of the most popular websites in the world today. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. It has more than 30 offices all over the world.

Small and growing businessmen in Twitter are taking advantage of this because it provides a marketing opportunity for them.

Today there are more than 500 million active users on Twitter who are using it. More than 80% of users access Twitter through mobile.

This is an application in which users get a platform. So that he can share his information and news with others.

We can write up to 140 characters on Twitter, but after November 2017, its limit has been increased. Whoever wants to tweet, the information in it should not increase much but should be short and informative.


Whatever profiles are there on TWITTER are public by default but if you make your profile private then another person cannot read it. With the profile being public, no matter where you are in any part of the world, you can watch and read whenever you want.

On Twitter, the user will be able to COMMUNICATE with whom he will follow. You will know in detail about what is follow in the article below.

How it Works Twitter

 To use Twitter, first, you must have a Twitter account, after that, you can post on any topic with the help of Twitter. To post, you will be able to write only 140 characters in it.

Along with posting, you can also follow others and see their latest tweets in your Twitter feed. If a person follows you, the tweets made by you will appear in their feeds. Its advantage is that the more followers you have, the more potential reach you will get.

Importance terms used in Twitter

Now we will know about some important terms used on Twitter so that you can tweet correctly. By the way, it is very important to understand the terms of any social networking site so that you can run that application properly.

  • Tweet – tweet means a message which has to be written up to its own 140 characters.
  • Retweet – Retweet means that you are giving credit to another’s tweet.
  • Feed – This section is what you will see on the homepage. It contains all the updates that you have followed.
  • Handle-handle is your username which does not match with kisi. Everyone’s Twitter handle is different.
  • Mention (@) – This is a reference in which another user is written in the tweet with their username like @aajtak. In this, the notification goes to the user whom you have @mentioned.
  • Direct Message – This is also 140 character and private message which is done between 2 people. In this, you also have the option that those who followed you should communicate with you. Accept the message that has come or not.
  • Hashtag (#) – By using the hashtag, you mention the topic of conversation. This is a great discovery tool on Twitter that allows the user to make tweets based on which topic. In this, you can also see the tweets of those people whom you do not even follow.

Who has the most followers in India

1. Narender Modi – 77 Million Followers

2. Amitabh Bachchan – 47.5 Million Followers

3. Salman Khan – 42.3 Million Followers

4. Shahrukh Khan – 41.7 Million followers

5. PMO India – 41.3 Million Followers

6. Virat Kohli – 41.2 Million Followers

7. Akshey Kumar – 41 Million Followers

8. Sachin Tendulkar – 37.3 Million Followers

Who has the most followers on Twitter in the world?

1. Barack Obama – 130.1 Million Followers

2. Justin Bieber – 114.2 Million Followers

3. Katv Perrv – 109.5 Million Followers

4. Rihanna – 102.6 Million Followers

5. Cristiano Ronaldo – 91.7 Million Followers

6. Taylor Swift – 88.6 Million followers

7. youtube – 73.1 Million Followers

What is a verified account on Twitter

A verified account on Twitter assigns a blue tick to a person or organization to authenticate their profile. Earlier only brands and celebrities were eligible on Twitter but now Twitter has opened the way for verified status for all people. You can get your status in your profile by filling online application form in it. You can use the link given below for verification status.

How to Create an Account on Twitter

If you are not able to create an account on Twitter or if you do not have complete information, then now we will know about it step by step.

To create an account on Twitter, you can download a chrome browser from mobile or Twitter application from the play store.

1. First of all open the play store and search by typing twitter.

2. After searching, install the Twitter application.

3. After installing, open it and click on get started.

4. Enter your mobile number and click on Next.

5. After that you will get OTP for mobile number verification, by entering which you have verified.

6. Then enter the password for the Twitter account and click Next.

7. Select the category related to which you want to create a profile.

8. Last username which becomes your Twitter handle. After creating all this, the account Twitter will be created.

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