What is the Word Processor ? Features of Word Processor

In this article, You will learn What is the Word Processor and Features of Word Processor. It is the best software for maintaining documents for editing, formatting, printing etc. So, Please read this article till end. Firstly, we will know what is the word processor?

What is the Word Processor ?

Word Processor is a program used for formatting, editing, printing, etc.

With the help of the word processor, you can make any changes to the text such as adding and removing text, creating paragraphs, correcting spelling errors in the text, etc.

Currently, this is the best computer program. To do the work of word processing, we need an application software, which we can call a word processor.

The tasks that used to be done earlier were done by the typewriter but it also took more time and the chances of making a mistake were also high. But with the advent of word processor, this task has become very simple.

Although there are many word processing systems but there are other most used programs.

Some Examples Of Word Processing

  • Ms-Word
  • Open Office Writer
  • Google Documents
  • WordPad
  • Libre Office Writer

Features of Word Processing

Features of Word Processor
  • Text editing

In word processing software, you can change the text at any time, which means we can add and delete text anywhere.

  • Cut and Copy

With the help of this option, duplicate any letter or word or line in word processing. Also use the cutting opportunity to move text from one place to another.

  • Find and replace

In word processor, if you want to find any words or characters in all text, then it can be made very easy. Using the single replacement option, we can replace a new name with any search.

  • Automatic spelling and grammar

With this option, you can check the spelling in the text and these errors can also be corrected with an online dictionary. You can also do this spell online, that is, if you type in the wrong word on the computer and check its dictionaries whether this word is correct or not. If it is wrong, then give us suggestions in its place, we can replace that name.

  • Wordwrap

With the help of the option, you can automatically edit the text in the document. Specifies the range of line lines not touching one line to another.

  • Header and footer

This is the most important aspect of voice processing, so you can head-to-head at the top and bottom of your page. Subject head, you can enter author name, company name, logo, page number etc. At the top of the page, the benefit of this will be appearing on all pages of your text. Similarly, you can use all of the below. The foot is placed at the bottom of the page.

  • Table of contents and indexing

If you want to publish a book, then there are many lessons in it, then if you want to change the main points in the table of contents, then you can identify it. This is an excellent tool for word processing.

  • Page setting and indents

To print your text in word processing, you can make text setup in the best way like margins, gutter position, orientation etc.

  • Inserting clipart images

Word processor is one of the few programs that clip-art is available for. Like pre-made clip-art installed in ms word program. You can use it in your text.

Images can be well used in word processing because it has other such tools. Photo editing like image cutting, giving brightness and comparison, resizing, etc., you can do all these things in picture image.

  • AutoCorrect 

Automatically correct common errors (e.g., typing “teh” and having it Auto Corrected to “the”).

Ms-word is a well-known word processing software. Tools for formatting, editing, printing etc. In document. There are other following features

What is MS-Word?

Ms word, full name ‘microsoft word’ and also known as ‘word’, word processor. Works to open, create, edit, format, share and print document etc.

Word Processor Overview

Ms word is developed by Microsoft. MS-word is part of office suit software.

Features of Ms-Word

1. With the help of this program, any type of text can be edited in any language in a very short time.

2. You can save the ms word program to file file format and save it for the future.

3. You can make text attractive by using the title.

4. Choice of word art allows us to choose fonts with the most beautiful designs and use them in our writing.

5. In this we also find the mail merge centre.

Word Processor on Your Mac

Word processors and other writing applications have been around for decades now. There are only a few bad guys left! Most typing apps will work for a lot of things, but sometimes they won’t be very good at them.

Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processor, but skip when you use it to write a blog.

This means that the first thing that makes a good writing app is how well it fits your needs. I write an article of 1000 words every day of the week; I also work on highly researched projects at the same time.

This means I have some very specific needs. If you only need to write a quarterly report or something on your own blog, your needs will be very different.

Besides measuring your needs, there are a few key features any Mac software processor should have in order to be considered as a good writing app:

  • They need to be able to open and send multiple file types.
  • Any file type they use should be open or fully supported.
  • They need to contribute in some way to your style.
  • They need to allow you to work on more than one document at a time.
  • They need to be stable, uninterrupted, and still supported on your Mac.

1. Microsoft Word 2016 – For Use on Your Mac

Microsoft Word for MAC

While Microsoft Word isn’t as dominant as it once was, it’s still used in millions of offices around the world. If you work in any big company, the odds are this is the app you have to use. It might not be anyone’s favourite writing app, but it can do pretty much everything.

In fact, it’s deep feature set is almost a problem; for most people there’s just too much going on. If you have to use Word, then there’s nothing you can do about it, although given the price and quality of some of the other options, I’d recommend at least looking elsewhere if the decision is up to you.

  • Microsoft Word is available for $69.99 a year (or $6.99 a month) as part of an Office 365 Personal subscription.
  • It’s the most popular word processor in business so widely supported everywhere.
  • There is also a companion iOS Word app so you can work on your documents from anywhere.

Word Processor Software Download – Click Here

2. Apple Pages – Mac Word Processor Application

Apple Word Processor For MAc

Pages are a Mac-native response for Mac in Word. It takes full advantage of all traditional Mac technology and has a compatible iOS app. It is a decent app with all the features you would expect a professional word processor to have. You can even interact with PC users with iCloud pages.

  • Free pages for MacOS and iOS users. PC users can also use the free version of iCloud.
  • The pages look great, and have great looking templates, in all the full word processing suits available on Mac.
  • Unfortunately, pages are just not as popular as other apps, so you may have a hard time convincing people you want to work with to use them again.

3. Google Docs – Online Accessible With Your Mac

Google Docs for MAc

Google Docs is a leading competitor in accessing, if not by quality or features, to Word. It’s a matter of online word processing, collaboratively. While its feature set is very limited, in most applications, it is possible to use Docs over Word.

  • Google Docs is free for anyone with a Google Account to use.
  • The big problem is that you can actually use Docs a lot when you are online.
  • The great strength of Docs is how seamless interaction is. It is easy for most people to work on one document at a time.

Libre Office Writer – Free Word Processor for Mac

LibreOffice Writer for MAC

LibreOffice is a free office office with many features of Microsoft offering. The author, as the name suggests, is his object of word processing, and very good with it. Importantly, it has full support for .doc and .docx files, so you can open and run them without any problems.


Wizards allow you to set memos, characters and even text combinations quickly, and there are all the style and formatting tools you can expect. The auto-fill feature makes suggestions as you type, or this may not be for everyone.

There are tools for creating table tables and long text references, while the template center on the LibreOffice website has many document templates that you can download and use. There are also downloadable extensions that add features to the Author.

LibreOffice does not have a Word or Pages polish, and does not have the same features that allow you to easily work on documents on your iOS device and Mac, but as a free tool that supports multiple formats and integrates all the basics, great.

Other Writing Software For MAC

  • Scrivener 2 – Long Form Mac Writing Software
  • Storyist – Robust Mac Book Writing App
  • Final Draft 10 – Powerful Screenwriting Mac Writing App
  • Slugline – Simple Screenwriting Writing App for Mac
  • iA Writer – Minimalist Writing App for Mac
  • Byword – Simple Mac Writing Software
  • Ulysses – Pro Writing Software for Mac

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