What is the Digital Camera and Its Features

Hii friends, in today’s article you will know what is the digital camera  and what its features are. If you want to know about inside information then you have arrived in the right place because with this post i will give you all the details related to the digital camera.

It is an electronic tool that we use to capture the scene and keep it with us.

Speaking before 1990, digital cameras were expensive and only rich people used them, but nowadays, after the introduction of advanced phones, the trend of digital camera has rise more.

Nowadays all smartphones have a digital camera installed and using it is very easy.

Over time, there have been a number of technological changes and different types of digital cameras first coming to market. Today image quality improved on smartphones every day.

We will now discuss the digital camera with details such as what is a digital camera and how to use it, what is the decision role in it, what is macro mode and it will get many different types of information.

What is the Digital Camera

The Word camera is a latin word meaning Dark Chamber. It is a device that captures photos and videos in digital format. Image sensor used for this. For image quality from best to best.

what is the digital camera

Memory card is used to store photos and videos inside a digital camera. In this case, the image may be deleted whenever you wish.

These days there are many cameras that can store photos and videos on a computer with a usb cable. And it can be edited and print can be re-released.

Digital camera was invented by steven sasson in 1975.

How to Works Digital Camera

A digital camera is completely different from a standard camera, there are a lot of differences in its performance, whenever you click a picture from a digital camera, the front and the camera light goes into that lens. There is no film on a modern digital camera. Instead, there are pieces of technology that capture incoming light rays.

And it turns to electric signs. The digital camera contains reflex mirror, image sensor, camera lens, prism and view point.

As you should see on television that pictures are made of millions of small color dots. What we call pixels. Laptop computer screen and build image using pixels.

These are too small to see. This electronic device opens all these colored pixels and closes quickly.

Types of Digital Camera

  • Compact Digital Camera

Such cameras are small in size for distribution anywhere. Designed so easy to use. And image quality must also improve. Due to its small size, a 6mm image sensor is used. On these cameras, image is saved only in jpeg format.

  • DSLR Camera

These are state-of-the-art cameras. Store photos and videos in digital format. Image sensor on these camera routes from 18mm to 36mm. Recording images with the help of electronic neurons.

The lens used in these cameras are advanced. And these advanced features make the picture more complete. Speaking of modern times, Mostly Camera are used DSLR Camera.

  • Bridge Digital Camera

These cameras are also high quality and designed like dslr. Like compact cameras, it uses a fixed lens and a small sensor. If they are larger in size, then the zoom in zoom in is higher.

  • Line Scan Camera

Such cameras have a line scan image sensor chip and focus system. Pixel sensor used to replace matrix in these cameras. Details of this type of camera are available electronically.

  • Digital Range Finder Camera

This type of camera is used to measure the distance of objects.

Advantages of Digital Camera

Advantages of Digital Camera
  1. In this, along with voice, video can be recording.
  2. Thousands of photos can be stored on digital camera memory card.
  3. Photos & videos can be deleted at any time.
  4. Digital camera photographs can be printed instantly.

Components of Digital Camera

There are other key components of a similar digital camera

1. Battery room

2. Flash lamp

3. Flash capacitor

4. Lens

5. Focus method

6. Image sensor

7. Usb connector

8. Processor chip

9. Connector on wrist

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The Conclusion

In today’s article, you learned what is the digital camera and what are its types? If you have doubts related to this post, you can ask us for comments and i will try my best to answer your comments.

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