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In today’s article, we will find out what is a search engine and how it works. These days, anything we want to find, we use search engines. We are always looking for something. Like google and the biggest search engines.

In the past there was a time when people used to search only on the basis of learning, but nowadays every user uses the search engine to find a solution to a small and big problem.

When the internet was introduced, in order to get any information, one had to find it by visiting different websites, which took a lot of hard work and time, but in modern times it is not.

There is so much internet information you can find anything in your mind. It means you can search any topic.

  • But the biggest problem for major users is how to search for any online content. So today’s article will help you a lot because this time we will discuss what a search engine is and how it works, what its types are. And what is the world’s famous search engine.

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What is Search Engines

What is Search Engines

Search engine is a type of program or web-based tool that assists the user by finding information available online through keywords.

Search Engine Meanings

If we want to find out the details of any organization, company or any kind of, then use the search tool for this. The search engine performs its search with the help of a keyword or phrase. According to these keywords, the result is presented before us. It is called serp (search engine results page).

Search engine optimizes information about user query and what query can be anything like text, images, text, or video.

The search engine displays good information according to the question first and the position continues afterwards. With a query, search engine brings millions of results before us.

Let’s try to understand this by example –

  • Suppose you have a computer question. So if you go to google and search in computer text, then it shows more results before you.

Search engine searches this question on all online websites. Wherever this question matters, their website names will appear on the home page of search results. You can then read “computer computer” by clicking on all links.

We call keywords online language a question that comes to your mind.

Global Search Engine list

Although there are many search engines in the world, here we show you a list of the most used search engines.

  • Google
  • Bing Search Engine
  • Yahoo Search Engine
  • Yendex
  • Baidu
  • DuckduckGo
  • Internet Archive

Note: – Google, Bing, Yahoo are the main search engines. Where people use these search engines to get their information.

Indian Search Engines Name List

When we learn now about many more search engines, and we have other search engines in india that are not so popular but they work to a extra scope.

  • Epic Search
  • Guruji (Year 2011 Closed)
  • Rediff
  • 123khoj
  • Justdial

You must also use google search engine, but have you ever wondered how it works, so let’s now try to know how this search engine works.

How search engines work

By the way, the function of all search engines is different. Every search engine has its mathematical method, where the algorithm goes.

And this algorithm determines where the apk website will come in search engine. That is, what a website rank will be on the result page.

By the way, you should see that the tips provided by search engines like google, yahoo, bing setting their website but details not provided through their algorithm. So that no one can misuse it.

The search engine optimization is extremely complex. All search engines use three ways to search a question –

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking


Crawling ways to scan full website details, what is the apk website title, how many keywords are there in your content, images and any page with links. It keeps all this in its database.

This crawl scanning multiple web pages every second and kisi found on that page and accessing another page using a link.

Search engine optimization website, has its own bot that looks for every new and old page also called spider.

On any website, this site collects many information which is available as

• Definition and definition style

• What key words are used.

• How many photos and videos are there?

• How many pages are there on the website.

• What links are available?

• What pages are added and deleted.


When a user searches anything in the search engine, the search engine ranks thousands of websites in sequence and displayed before him. This is what we call the indexing.

Indexing is a process where any data is available during crawling, it sends that data to its database so that when searched, it can be displayed by processing this information quickly.

If you want to better understand the inclusion of references, then you can take the example of books, suppose you have found any topic from this book, and then you will first see its reference on the page of that article.

Similarly, google also provides an index where information for all web pages such as page title, description, keywords, internal links, external links etc. Saved in table format.


This last step on search engines is very complex. It’s complicated because this time the search engine determines the query or keyword, which search engine results page should appear and in which list.

All this work depends on the size of the search engine algorithm, the most difficult to understand.

Main function algorithm work to find selected pages according to content quality. For inappropriate information for the user. Google keeps updates its algorithm from time to time to make it more accurate.

  • The search engine has never given us full details about its algorithm, it also follows more than 200 rules to determine website quality.

But even kisi doesn’t know about these rules, which is why it’s always kept a secret. So that any web developer does not misuse it using these algorithms.

Search Engine Types

The modern search engine has become a major tool for finding information. If you want to find information about any topic, then you don’t need its resources, by searching a search engine, you find that information. Search engines are divided into the following four categories.

  • Crawler Based Search Engines
  • Web Directories
  • Hybrid Search Engine
  • Meta Search Engines

Crawler based search engine

This is the type of computer application used by the site or bot. There is no need for any person or person you want from it.

This type of search engines –

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • Duckduckgo
  • Yandex
  • Ask

Web directory

This is the type of interface where links and information on multiple websites are provided and the website is listed by listing in different categories.

In this case, the website owner submits a section and a brief description of his site to register his website. Updates performed with this search engine type, no automatic program works for this.

If you submit your website according to the identity rules, then it is added and not rejected.

There is also a search box in the text that you are quoting, to find links to websites that provide specific information.

Some examples of web directory

  • Yahoo Directory
  • Dmoz
  • A1Webdirectory
  • blogarama

Hybrid Search Engine

Search engines that use both crawling and guides are called hybrid search engines.

In modern times the value of web directory is dwindling. Hybrid search engines become emerable search engines.

Examples of hybrid search engines are:

  • Google
  • Yahoo!

Meta search engine

Those search engines do not keep millions of websites in their database. Search engine optimization search engine optimized search engine optimization for google and yahoo.

  • duckduckgo
  • dogpile
  • metacrawler

By the way, you will find other internet search engines made for a special category. Some of them are examples

  • Google Shopping
  • Google Image
  • Bing Image
  • Pinterest
  • Allmusic
  • Last FM
  • BEEMp3

There are many types of search engines which are used for different purposes.

Why Need Search Engine (Importance of Search Engines)

In the modern era, if we have to search for anything, then we only take the help of a search engine. It is very hard to find any information without a search engine

Today google’s search engine has made it so easy without this, no need for search tools.

  • The most important thing is the new and popular websites in search engines, because those websites get traffic and make money.

What is the difference between Search Engine and Internet

Many people think that search engines and the internet are the same but not the same.

The internet is a database, the same search engine is the best tool for extracting information from that store.

History of Search Engine

All search engines work to search and display data online. Search engines were originally a collection of file transfer processes.

All individual connected servers were used to get data from them. So now we know about search engine, when it started and how it started.

  • After the creation of the world wide web, in 1990 the world’s first search engine, archie, was born. Used to download files from websites, didn’t answer people questions. This was a schoolwork developed by alan emtage.
  • Archie was followed by the gophers search engine in 1993, followed by the launch of the meta web search engine meta in 1994. Use it to display top results for google and yahoo. Where you can easily search audio, video, news.
  • In 1995 the world’s first most popular search engine yahoo! Come online, fully active today.
  • After this, many other search engines like excite, infoseek, inktomi, altavista, lycos arrived but it did not last long.
  • In 1996, ask.com search engine came along, focusing mainly on e-business or web search engine. Created by garrett gruener and david warthen.

Top 5 Search Engine List

Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

No one can deny that google is the most used search engine in the world. There are nearly 70000 searches per second in google’s search engine. If you have too much for a second you can think about how much searches for a year.

Google launched in 1997, created by stanford university, california students sergey brin and larry page.

Bing Search Engine

Bing Search Engine

Bing search engine developed by Microsoft. Launched in 2009 by microsoft ceo steve ballmer.

If there is a popular search engine after google, bing. Microsoft changes bing to its oldest search engine or msn search.

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahoo name also known in the world search engine. In conjunction with the search, it offers many services. Yahoo mail is the most popular of these. Can’t show as good results as search engines.


Aol is an american service provider company. There are lakhs hindi websites and blogs in this that provide information in hindi language. But there is not much use in aol india.


Yandex has found the status of the most popular search engine in russia. Finding information on yandex is as easy as google.

Yandex Search Engine

Yandex is very popular in russia as google has a reputation in india and other countries. It was launched in 1997. In addition to the search engine, it also offers many other services.

According to google, the search algorithm follow-up steps –

  • Understanding The Searched Query.
  • Matching The Index.
  • Ranking Web Pages.
  • Take Care Of The Context.
  • To Show The Result.

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In today’s article teach you what a search engine is and how it works. You must know how many search engines there are.

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