What is Python Language? Features of Python

Hello friends, in today’s article you are going to learn what is Python language and why it is important to learn it today? If your interest is in programming and you want to become a programmer then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

Because in this post, we will know in detail what is python and why this learning has become necessary.

Python is a High-Level Programming Language that is being used a lot today. Its use also means that this language is very simple and fast.

Python language is one step ahead of other programming languages ​​like C, C++, JavaScript, Java, etc. and today it has become the most popular language. The reason for being popular is that this programming language is also used for software development, web development, and making scientific applications.

In the coming time, this Python language is going to be even brighter. Big companies like google, yahoo, quora, and Pinterest use it.

So let us now start with what is Python and what are its features?

What is Python Language?

Python is an open-source high-level programming language that is used for tasks like website development, application development, and machine learning. The Python language started in the 1980s.

Due to the Python language being simple and fast, it has become the most popular language bank in the world today and its use is going to increase even more in the future.

Python is an interpreted language that does not read the need to compile before running the program written in it. In this, the program can be designed in a modular style. And in this, the code can be used in many other projects as well. Its syntax is quite different and user-friendly.

Started in 1989 in the Netherlands by Guido Van Rossum. Which was later developed by the Python Software Foundation.

Why should you learn the Python language?

The biggest reason why we should learn the Python language today is that it is very simple and fast, secondly, this language is being used for all platforms.

• Python language is a completely free language, we can download it easily and do not have to pay any money for it.

• Whatever commands are used in Python are normal English words that are easy to learn.

• Python is at the top of today’s top 10 languages. And this language has the highest demand and is also growing rapidly.

• Python language can be integrated with other programming languages C, C ++, Java, etc.

• This language is being used the most in the application and due to its high demand, you also get a good salary in it. The salary of a python engineer can range from 50,000 to 500000.

• If you want to make a career in today’s programming language, then select this language because it is the most used language at the present time.

• According to the way it is being used in machine language and artificial intelligence, then its effect is going to be very much going forward.

Features of Python language

In today’s time, although there are many programming languages, that is why it becomes very difficult to select from them, but if you are also selecting Python, then compare it with other languages. And see in that what are the features in Python which are not in others. So let us now know what are the features of Python

  • Easy programming language

Python language is a very easy language according to other programming because it is very easy to write coding in it. It is easy because along with having high-level programming, Python code can be written in the English language itself, which becomes easier to understand and learn.

  • Open Source Platform

Python language is an open-source platform that can be easily downloaded on the Internet and it has been developed under an open-source license approved by OSI. Which you can use personally for free and also as a business.

  • Cross-Platform language and Integrate

Python can be accessed on any platform like windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc. If you have built a Python program on a Mac, it can be run on Linux as well.

You can also integrate Python with other languages ​​like C, C ++, Java, JavaScript etc.

  • Interpreted Language

Like in another programming language the program is compiled first but in Python, its code can be run without compiling it. Before learning any programming language, it is very important for you to know that that language is a portable language.

  • Large Standard Library

When you download Python, it also provides Python Large Library along with it. For which you do not have to write your own code for everything.

Python code can also be written in a language like c++ if needed, that’s why it makes Python an extensible language.

  • Database connectivity

Python language can be interfaced with any database, it provides an interface to all major databases.

  • GUI Programming Support

Gui(Graphical User Interface) using Python language

ace) can be made. GUI is a form of the user interface, which uses other visual indicators to allow the user to communicate with an electronic device through the command line rather than just text.

How to learn the python language

Now the question comes that how to teach Python language, although if we talk about it today, it is not as difficult to learn this programming language as it used to be. Because the development of the Internet at such a fast pace, there have been many options. Now I am going to tell you some sites with the help of which you can easily learn Python language.

1. Learnpython.org

2. Realpython.com

3. Codecademy.com

4. w3schools.com

5. sololearn.com

Python Video Tutorials:

• CodeWithHarry

• CS Geeks

• MysirG.com

• Tech-Gram Academy

All the resources you have been given above are totally free of cost. If you want, you can also purchase a Python course. There are many such websites on Google where this course is available. If there is an institute near you, where programming language is taught. So from there also you can start it.

So let us now know about the drawback of python, and what is its drawback.

Disadvantages of Python Language

• Python being an interpreted language has advantages as well as disadvantages. For this reason, Python runs slower than the rest of the programming languages.

• Property is not good for Python multi-processor or multi-core work.

• It cannot be used openly in database access because python has some limitations with database access.

• If you are thinking of making a high-Graphic 3D Game. So it is impossible to use python.

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