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Hello friends, in this article today we will talk about what is Pinterest and how to use it and at the same time we will know how to create an account in it, so please read this post till the last so that you will get complete information about Pinterest. Get knowledge.

In today’s time, there are many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. But there is also another platform inside social media which you must have heard very little about but nowadays its trend is increasing very fast, its name. is Pinterest.

So in this article, I am going to tell you completely about Pinterest, if you are a Youtuber, blogger, or someone doing your own business, then you need to know about this application, this application is becoming very popular very fast. And if you want to bring traffic to your blog or YouTube channel, then Pinterest has become the best platform, so let’s not delay much, let us know what is Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform, on this platform photos, videos, or any message are pinned and shared with people. In this, you will find different types of photos and videos and above each category, you can find photos and videos in it. Pinterest is also called image-sharing social media.

If you want to use Pinterest, then you can use both the website and the application.

Pinterest is designed to search and share information in the form of images, videos, or GIFs on the World Wide Web. In this application, you can share direct photos from any site as well as share the link of that site with that photo.

If someone wants more information about that photo, then he can go to the website and get more knowledge about that photo.

You can get many more new ideas on Pinterest. That is to say, if you search on Pinterest in any category, you will be able to see photos related to that category.

For example, if you want to build a house of your own, then you will search for a house on Pinterest, then you will find many house designs from which you can take ideas.

History of Pinterest

Pinterest is an American application that was launched in January 2010, owned by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp, all three of whom together created Pinterest. In 2019, Pinterest had around 300 million active users, which has increased to more than 400 million in 2021 this year.

If you want to get traffic to your blog, then you can get traffic to your blog or website using Pinterest for free. Nowadays most internet users who have knowledge of Affiliate Marketing use this application very well.

The reason for this is that the users using Pinterest are mostly from foreign countries so our Indian users also resort to Pinterest to sell affiliate products which is absolutely free and also earn a lot of money by using this application. Is.

Apart from this, Pinterest has been downloaded by more than 500 million users on the Google Play store.

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest allows you to share your ideas with the help of Pins and boards. You can find information related to the subject in which you are interested such as images, videos and website links, etc. on Pinterest.

By creating a board in whichever category the home is interested, you can find the related information from that category and save it.

Features of Pinterest

# HomePage

On the home page of Pinterest, you will see the topics of interest to you and you can see the Pins related to that topic on the home page as well as the published Pins of the Pinterest users you are following. Will get

# Search

Using the search option, you can follow your favorite topic or you can search for a user. You can save all the pins related to the searched topic on your board.

# Board

If you want to save any Pins, then you save them on your board. Through the board, you can also save your idea and interest and by going to the board of other users, you can also see the Pins related to your related work.

# Pins

In the Pinterest application, you can share your photos and videos with others by pinning them. Pinterest Pins are like a bookmark.

In which we keep our favorite ideas by pinning, if you want to bring traffic to your website or blog, then you can also bring traffic to your website by pinning the photo and putting a link to it.

Whatever you search on Pinterest, you are likely to find even the best contacts.

If you like the PIN of any user, then you can save it on your board.

# Notification

If you have followed any Pinterest user and if the followed Pinterest user publishes a new pin, then you get its notification.

If you want to message your friend on Pinterest or if you want to message you, then you will also get to see its notification in this feature.

# Send Pins to Friends


Using this feature, you can share any pin on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, etc.

# download images

On Pinterest, if you want to save the images in Pins, then you can easily save them in the gallery of your phone.

# Analytics

With the help of the Analytics option, you can see the overall performance of the published pins. In this, you can see all the data of Impressions, Link clicks, Engagements, Saves, and Monthly viewers.

# Add Website Links

With this feature, you can also add a link to your website on Pinterest, whenever you create a pin, you can add a link to your website along with the photo in it. This also increases the traffic to your website going blocked.

# HashTags use Karna

The hashtag is a very popular feature, with the help of this feature you can very quickly reach millions of people at once.

If you use Hash Tags in your Pins, then people can come to your account quickly.

how to create an account on Pinterest

1. To create a Pinterest account, first, you have to install the Pinterest application on your phone.

2. After that three options will be available in this application to create an account or to sign up. The first option is you can sign up by email, second, you can signup from Facebook, and third, you can signup from Google as well. You can create an account by selecting any of these three options.


3. First of all, input your valid email address in the Email Address box.

4. Click on the Continue button.

5. On continuing, the interface to create a password will open, through which you will create the password and click on the Next button.

6. On clicking next, “What’s your name?” The option will be open. Here you have to enter your name instead of “Full Name”. After entering the name, click on the option “Next”.


7. After that you will be asked the age, then you have to enter the age and go to the next.

8. Then the “What’s your gender?” option will appear. In this, you have to select your “gender”.


9. After giving the gender, select the country and click on next. Then after that, you have to select your favorite 5 topics and click on next. After doing all this, your Pinterest will be created.

How to Create Business Account on Pinterest?

1. By following the above steps in Pinterest, you have learned to create a normal account, now if you have a business and want to increase it, then the normal account will have to be transferred to the business account.

2. Here you will see the option named Saved on the lower right side, on which you have to click.

3. In the option of Saved, you will have an icon display named setting on the top right side, on which to click.

4. By going to the setting, you will see the option of “Get a free business account”, and click on it.

5. After doing all this, the interface of the business account will open in front of you, here “What’s your email?” In this you have to first enter your “Email ID” and after entering the email id click on the button “Next”.

6. On clicking next, the option of “What should we call you” will appear, which you have to go to next after inputting the profile name.

7. Then “What’s your website?” There will be an option to enter the address of the website in it, after inputting the address, go to the next.

8. After that “How would you describe yourself?” You will have to select your “Business Profile” option in it. After selecting go to next.

9. Next go to the “Would you ever be interested in running ads on Pinterest?” option will be available. That is, if you want to run any of your “Ads” on Pinterest, then click on the option of Yes, select the option of No or Not Sure and click on the “Done” button.

10. As soon as it is done, the option of “Choose topics that would best describe your business” will come. In this, you have to choose any 1 topic according to the category of your business. After selecting the topic, click on the button given below.

11. With this your account will become a business account.

How to use Pinterest

To use Pinterest, now I am going to tell you about some such points, if you read and apply these points well, then you can use Pinterest in a good way.

• First of all create an account as I have mentioned above.

• After that create the board. To create a board, you have to go to the profile icon and click on the “+” given above, in which you will get the option of the board name.

• In this, you have to fill in all the information of the board and click on next and add pins to it, if you have not created pins, then create pins.

• To create Pins, click on the icon of the profile and click on the option named Pin on the icon of “+”. As you click on the pin, the page to create pins will open.

• In which you have to select the image and put the title, description, or link of the website or post on the right side of the pin, after entering all this, select the board on the top right side in which the pin is to be saved.

Frequently Asked Questions For Pinterest

Q: – When was Pinterest launched?

Ans:- Pinterest was launched in January 2010.

Q:- Is Pinterest without any account?

Ans:- No, if you want to search or browse anything on Pinterest, then you must first create an account on Pinterest.

Q:- Is Pinterest Free?

Ans:- Yes, it is absolutely free to use Pinterest.

Q:- Are Pinterest images copyright free?

Ans:- No, Pinterest images are not copyright free.

Q: Which country uses Pinterest the most?

Ans:- “United States” uses Pinterest the most in the world. About 98.22 million people use Pinterest in the United States.

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