What is Personal Blogging? Best Blogging Sites

Hello friends, today I will tell you about Personal Blogging in this post. Please read this post to the end, only then will you know how bloggers have made blogging. And in this post, you will also know What is Blog and bloggers are and their benefits? And how can you make money from it?

What is a Blog ?

What is Blog

Blog is an online platform where blogger shares his personal ideas, professional experience, passion, hobbies, thoughts and his life with the world.

 Note: – it can also be said that when a blogger eventually updates its daily life, it is the blog.

A blog is like a magazine the way a person shares his thoughts with everyone on the internet. The most important thing is that you do not need this planning.

We can update or build a blog on many platforms like – blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr, etc.

The best blog press today’s platform is WordPress, which most bloggers choose.

WordPress is considered to be the best because it can be easily updated and created, as well as using other free plugins, you can easily customize the best ways.

If you want to know more about WordPress, what, then, is WordPress? You can get information by reading the blog.

For example: – if someone posts a post on Facebook, that post can reach another character but not on the blog, in this post your approach reaches everyone you want on google.

To be able to improve the SEO of your blog. To know SEO, you can know by reading our article on what is SEO and why it is important to a website.

What is a blogger?

What is Blogger

Blogger is a person who writes blogging and uses the entire website. As with any post you read on this website or blog, it is my job to write, publish and save. So that’s why i’m called blogger.

 if you re-publish a blog by blogging on your website, then you will be called with blogger.

There will be some blog-related questions in your mind, so you will find the answer to these questions only in this post.

Q: – Can I Earn Money From Blog?

Ans: – yes, you can really make money with a blog, to blog on blogger and write daily posts which people will like your post and visitors to your blog will increase. And you can start earning money by linking this blog to your Google Adsense account.

Q: – On Which Subject Should I Do Blogging?

Answers: – you should do blogging only for any topic like sports, entertainment, health, technology, etc. There are many categories you can do blogging. Blogging should be done only where you are interested.

Q:- How Much Money Does It Take To Create A Blog?

Answers: – no, it is not expensive. By the way, you can create a blog for both free and paid. The best platform for creating a free blog is Google Blogspot.

Q:- What Is The Difference Between Website And Blog?

Answers: – you will have to pay the website fee, although no one is learning to pay the money by creating a blog, this is a free app.

What is a Personal Blogging?

Blogging is called in what publishing a daily post and designing that post is called blogging.

Meaning of Personal Blogging

We can choose any blogging topic, we can save it on any topic.

Blogging articles must be one top topic of interest. By blogging, you too can find the internet as everyone can find today.

Benefits of Personal Blogging

What is Personal Blogging

Previously we learned about blogging, now we will make the benefits of blogging, what are your benefits-

1) Learning New things

The basic meaning of blogging sharing your things with anyone and keep reading. When you build a new blog, you will know that you are learning something new.

About every one you ever knew to know because whenever we build a blog, many such things come before us unbeknownst to us but we start to take full information from them to share with others.

2) Clear thinking

Positive thinking is an essential life skill and coming up with new ideas.

All this is not taught in school, that is why blogging removes your poverty and increases your thinking ability. By developing the ability to think, you also have the opportunity to talk to others.

From your thinking, you will know your strengths and your weaknesses.

3) Increase Confidence level

You must have noticed that bloggers who start their work are less confident but as they give their time to the blog, their confidence level also increases.

It is a common practice in the way a person does his work to find his blog. You should be aware that when she writes a blog, she gets negative and positive comments on her blog.

But they are quality to them, they are not very happy in good comments and they do not lose their patience with bad comments. That’s why never limit your self-confidence.

4) Earn money

Friends, it is a fact that you can earn a lot of money through blogging. But making money is not so easy.

Blogging also takes detailed work, only then can you reach this point. There are many blogs on the internet that earn millions of rupees a month.

For this, you must participate in the blog and the most important thing is patience. And one day two sure results will come.

5) No prior knowledge required for Blogging

You do not need any kind of technical knowledge to blog. You can make your own blog in just 15 minutes.

As with any other activity, you should start by taking the knowledge of another job, but you can write blogging in a very simple way.

6) Free of Cost

Blogging is free in today’s time. If you are a new blogger then you can do blogging for free using google’s platform Blogspot. Second, you can also start a blog by buying a paid domain and hosting. That too at the right price.
If you want to know more about domain and hosting then click here

7) Helpful in build Audience

You will know that people are arriving in one more place, so where you get to learn something. That’s why whenever you start blogging, give value to your blog.

The more value that comes to your blog, the logo will learn something and the traffic will increase again, this will build your audience.

8) Discipline

Blogging makes you punished because if you have good blogs on your website people will read your article every day.

So don’t stop blogging blogs .. Blogging somehow makes you work hard.

9) Growing Offline Business

According to the survey, whenever a customer buys an item, they choose to look online first. That’s why if you have an offline store also, you should promote us online. With this, people can add similar purchases after seeing your business online.

10) Becoming a content Creator

It is believed that 1 or 2% of adults only have adults online. Only content is limited.

That’s why you should be a content creator and not a content buyer. You can do this by blogging. You can make yourself happy by helping others.

  • By sharing our information, that is, by posting blogs, we can also make money on the blog.
  • The blog can be written in any language.
  • Blogging does not limit your knowledge but it increases
  • You can start your online business with the help of blogging.

Important Terms for Personal Blogging

Have you ever seen a blog and blogger-related blogging, but there are many other terminals for blogging that are important to know. As

  • SEO

Its complete form uses search engines. Seo is the most important basic method used for blogging. Using this strategy, you can bring your blog over search engines and make as much money as you want.

Seo is a term without it that you can put your website in search engines. And besides SEO, you should also know about backlinks, on the SEO page, bounce rate, etc on your blog.

  • Blogging Content

For blogs, the more posts you publish on your website, the more posts must be of your best quality. To make your website better.

  • Blogging Platform

A blog that provides building utility is called a blogging platform. Like blogger.com, wordpress.com, wix.com, tumblr.com, etc.

  • website traffic

Website traffic means the number of people on a website. The more users are on the website, the more you will benefit.

  • keywords

How people search the post search engine optimized for a post.

  • Niche

Definition of niche blog your subject, in which subject you want to write a blog. Let’s say if health information is provided on the blog, then we can say your niche is healthy.

Why should a blogger do blogging?

Why should you do Personal blogging? This is a very important question for those who want to start their own blog.

In today’s world, increasing the internet is becoming more and more popular. What in India the internet is used equally with the USA.

At the same time, everyone certainly has the same ideas. And the internet is such an option with the help that they can share their ideas in front of the whole world.

But more often than not, the question arises as to why we should share our knowledge or ideas with someone else.

Like if you share your ideas on social media, even your lifestyle, it means you are on the road to blogging, just the way it is different.

Now the question is whether the media gives you money to share your information there. But if you build a blog and share your ideas on how to live before the world, then you can benefit again.

# Best Blogging Sites

There are many ways in which places we can do blogging. 3 known platforms mentioned below.


Blogging on Google

Blogger is the most popular platform, the easiest to use. This is a google product itself. Also popular worldwide, blogging is also known through blogspot.

Most people use this platform if we want to create a free blog.

Blogging in wordpress

In wordpress, we can create a blog in both free or paid methods. When we make a free blog.

In wordpress, it’s like a blogger. It is also very easy to use. And if you use a paid method. So be more powerful than blogger, it’s a content management system. To know more about wordpress click here

Blogging on weebly

We can also blog free on weebly. But it also provides web hosting service. Websites can also be created with their help

There are so many examples we can build a free blog. Like joomla, wix etc.

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Conclusion: –

In this post, teach you what is personal blogging and how it works with hindi meaning what a blog and blogger and how it works, together you learn what the benefits of a blog are.

If you like this post, then please share this post as possible and if you have doubts in this post. So you can comment to us. So i will definitely try to reply to your comments but if you like this post then you like and share it.

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