What is On Page in SEO ? 10 Best On Page SEO Techniques

Hello friends, we read in this article today how to make the on page in seo and make our website how it is posted on the google home page?

We can improve our website in 2 ways, the first. – On Page in SEO and, second is – off page seo optimization.

If you want to know about off page seo optimization then click – what is off page seo?

In this article we will talk about the most important seo page on the website. But before that what is seo to you? You have to be careful. Now what is our seo article for you? You can know about seo by reading article.

What is the On Page in SEO ?

In On Page SEO, Getting High Ranking On Google By Optimizing Individual Pages And Bringing More And More Traffic Is Called On Page SEO. It Works On The Internal Part Of The Website Means The Pages Of The Site.

On Page in SEO Tutorial

What is On Page SEO

On Page seo name title page, description, meta tags, content, url, keyword compression, content length, subtitle tags, internal links

If traffic does not arrive or after publishing on a website or blog, this is very important.

On Page in SEO, Because if you don’t do it on that page page then it is impossible to get traffic on website.

If your post is powerful then you can easily find your website post posted on google home.

So today we will talk about that page and how to do it.

The Control Of On Page in SEO Is In Your Hands in your hands because you should pay attention to the website interface and this is the most important part.

  • Google keeps on updating some small and big updates daily, but if you have optimized your content well then any update of google will not affect your content.

On page seo refers to the content code and html of the page, while off page seo refers to internal and external features.

When both methods are used properly, it helps to get the top of google.

Whenever you use technique before publishing a post or article of your website, then a page is here.

  • In this process, you use keyword research, shipping title, meta description, keyword strength, internal and external links, proper use of topics, and other methods.

If you become a Master in on Page in SEO, then you can easily place each page or submit a website to the first page on google.

Why It is Important to perform on Page in SEO

On-page SEO is important because with this you can get your website organized on the home page, if any of your posts are listed on the home page search engine, then benefit the entire blog or website.

By doing this traffic is not only increasing but also the domain of the authority and the authority of your site page is also increasing.

If the content of your post is high, then users will spend more time on your post, and the post will be a search engine friendly and friendly as user friendly.

When one of our posts is counted, then we add a link to the other post to it, due to which traffic begins to come to another post and reduce the bounce rate.

Why doing On Page in Seo ?

This is why it is necessary for a website owner to do that page in order to bring his blog or website to the top of a search engine and make money from it.

As a student begins to give a trial after a well-studied study and the result of that trial comes, the same is on that page, first you have to work hard on your content and then the result will come.

If you do not do seo for your website well, then you will never bring your page up.

To do On Page in SEO, it is very important to do keyword research. Why otherwise you can’t publish your content properly.

You can use these tools to do keyword research –

Both of these keyword tools are really free and you can use them for your website post. I personally use these tools for my website. Both tools are very easily to use for new blogger.

How to do On Page in SEO

Some techniques used to make a seo page that you can use for your content. There are some On PAge SEO Techniques

  • Post Title
On page in SEO Title

Post title is very important On Page in SEO. If you use the correct keyword in a post title, then you can also find your post instantly posted on google search engine. There is a key keyword seo explaining your content in a few words. That’s why always keep the title of the attractive post to the user to user submit your post.

  • Submit a URL
On Page in SEO URL

As well as post title, posting url is also important because if you want your post posted on search engine, then it is necessary to provide keywords to the url once. We also call the permalink url.

Always put the url of your post in the shortcode. Never use stop words like “a”, “the”, “on”, “and”, “with” in your url. Because this is not good from the point of view of seo.

  • Meta Description

Meta description of the page is an seo technique by user getting to know your full post, what a post is. Meta description length should not exceed 160 letters.

On Page in SEO Meta Description

It is very important to use keywords in the meta description again. Meta description below below post post. That’s why write the same in meta description of your post.

  • Keyword Research

It is very important to do a word search of your post because you can never write content about information that you do not want.

If you want more traffic for your post and who are the most searching on the internet, you will need to do a keyword research for this.

Create your blog according to keyword research. Because this is the most important feature of on-page seo. If you find a better keyword after doing a closer query, you will be able to see your posts in the search engine.

To learn more about keyword research, you can read our blog below – how can you do research again with keywords?

  • Image Optimization

In our post, we use images to attract user. Google identifies all images on our website with the help of their name and alt text. That’s why whenever you use images within your post, keep these two things in mind –

  1. Use the focus keyword in image image
  2. Second, use keyword in alt text again.

By making this friendly seo image makes our seo on page stronger. One thing, whenever you use this image in your post, save image size at least so that the page does not take too long to load. This is the most important feature from the view of seo.

If possible, use the included image in your post. The image we use as an icon is called an embedded image.

  • Internal Link

You are using other links from your website to get your blog post called internal links. This is an important feature of seo level. Internal link you can use 5 of 10 links to your blog post.

By creating internal links, your domain authority increases, because the domain begins to grow with position and it makes a big difference.

On Page SEO Internal Links

As you can see the image provided below is taken from wikipedia, which shows how internal links are made within the article.

Use the internal link only related to the blog you are writing. For a visitor to stay on your site for a long time. With its help, we can engage user from other landing page.

Suppose there is more traffic on any post in your website according to another post. So you can increase traffic by putting a link to another post.

  • External Link

Adding a link to another website within your post is called an external link. When installing an external link, one thing must be remembered in that the external link must be related to the same website or video for the content of your content to be similar. Adding an external link increases the position of our blog by search engine search.

  • Heading Tags

If you use the right headings in your blog post, then you can easily increase the traffic for the post. Always try to use the focus keyword in the heading. Heading tag is also very important for on page in seo. Some things should be kept in mind for headings such as –

  1. Use the same h1 heading tag for a web page.
  2. Target heading keyword used and select use.
  3. Use keyword in h2 subject and can be used 3 or 4 times on a web page.
  4. Try the post title to h1 heading tag.
  • Website upload speed

In today’s time, website loading speed has become an important ranking factor in seo. You must have seen that people like the same website more which takes less time to open means whose loading speed is very good.

If the uploading speed ​​of your website is low, then it is important that you adjust the speed of your website. To adjust upload speed, there are so many wordpress plugins, that use the website speed ​​to increase.

Note: – Website upload speed ​​must be less than 3 seconds.

So what to remember before creating a blog, you can read the article given below –

  1. Never make these mistakes in a blog
  2. How to increase traffic for your blog free

If your blog’s upload speed ​​is good then google bots also identify posts quickly. A blog with slow up load has never been faster on google. That’s why you should use less in your home page.

  • Responsive Theme

Always use the responsive theme of your website. Since you didn’t know that over 60% traffic on google comes to mobile, then if your website or blog can be opened up properly on the mobile itself and you lose it too much.

That’s why it’s important to always buy a responsive theme for your website. Which mobile and friendship. If you want to check your website is compatible with mobile phones, then you can find it using google friendly tool –

Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

On Page SEO or Off Page SEO

If seen, it is not correct at all to say which one is better. According to the search engine, both on page seo or off page seo are important because they work together. 

On Page Seo is very important because google uses many of its features. If you want to set your web page very important to do it On Page SEO.

Some Important Tips that you should and should not do

About Keyword Placement 

  1. Use Keywords In The Title. 
  2. Use Keyword In URL.
  3. Use In The ALT Tag Of The Image.
  4. Headings में Keywords 
  5. Must Use The Keyword In The First Paragraph.
  6. The Keyword Density In Your Post Should Be 1.5%.

Some Points That Should Not Be Done 

  1. Do Not Use H1 Tag Too Much.
  2. Do Not Repeat H2 And H3 Too Much. 
  3. Do Not Stuff Keywords In Your Article.

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The conclusion

As you should know from this article what is On Page in SEO and how it works and its strategies.

Friends, if you have doubts related to this post, then you can ask us by commenting. I will try my best to respond to your comments.

If you like the post, then please share this post as possible as when any new blogger begins to create a website, you will know about this seo page in details.




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