What is Keywords ? Types of Keywords in SEO

Hello friends, in today’s article will we learn what is keywords? And why it is important for seo?

If you are a blogger and do blogging, keywords have the most important contributions to get your pages or post counted.

Friends, from today’s article, it will be clear to you what keywords and what kinds of them? After reading this post, you do not need to go anywhere because today i will delete all points related to keywords.

For that, you just have to read this post till the last so that your blog can become a successful blog.

When i started blogging, i also heard this word and started thinking that what is the use of it, our main focus should be on our article.

For some time i also kept doing this and writing articles and i do not even search how many people are searching this keywords on the internet.

I was not focusing on keywords. If you were in google but traffic was inadequate.

Keywords are the reason for delivering higher traffic, then i go through this whole process in deeply what keywords are finally and how they work. So keep this in mind, today i share my knowledge with you.

What is Keywords ?

Keywords are a sentence and a sentence that we use in the title of our article. Example: – if you have to search like “what a computer” then you will search by computer typing in google, then the keyword in it is computer.

what is keywords

The word we will use to get anything is called keywords.

We cannot just call it the title of the post, which increases the traffic of the website. Anything you write on any topic is a keyword.

If you have come to do seo friendly article or have come to write, then you have to target only one phrase and that can be called land target keyword.

Types of Keywords

If we have done SEO for our posting or article well, then it is very important to use the right name in the right way. That is why it is important for you to know how we use words in our articles. And it must be understand how many keywords are available, so let’s know now how many keywords are available.

Common keywords

For common keywords, we only use one word as the keyword.

Common keywords mean nothing more, so we do not know exactly who they are. Like


“digital marketing”


From the keywords above, we do not seem to know exactly what we want to get as a voice laptop, this is known but it is not known where to find a company laptop to find it, so do not use common keywords. Inside the post.

Informative keywords

This keyword is basically like a question in a way which we call informative keyword.

informative keywords

 used by user to get answers to his question like

“what is blogging?”

“what is digital marketing”

“computer description”

You should see such keywords on google. Google uses captions to display such words search results.

In this case, as soon as the user searches for a question, then google shows a direct answer to the snippet.

Short tail keywords

If we add some more word to the generic word or increase it a bit, then it is short tail keyword.

Short tail keywords are more meaningful than generic words. With short tail keywords, the user knows what the information is regarding.

For example:– if we search by writing youtube on the internet, then whatever results will come in front of us, youtube word will be sure in them. And it can also be a youtube website, it can be an image and it can also be a video.

Short tail consists of 1 to 3 words. Like online earn money, free books online.

Long Tail Keywords

When we use to search group of words (group of words) or more than one word on the internet, where they are known as long tail keyword.

The Length In Long Tail Keywords Should Be More Than 3 Words.  For Example –

“How To Earn Money Online For Website”

“How To Make Money From Blogging”

“7 Tips For Making Money Online”

The keywords that are like this are long tail keywords.

You should always use long tail keywords only for your post. Because if you use long tail keywords, then short keywords come automatically. By doing it of long tail, short tail keywords also get ranked very easily.

LSI Keywords

The Full Name Of LSI Is Latent Semantic Indexing . Through This, It Is Known That What Is The Relationship Between Keywords And Content In The Post. When The Search Engine Bot Crawls, It Identifies The Common Words Of Your Page As This Keyword.

What is LSI, it does a word search similar to the title inside the content of your post,, so we know how often this word is used in a post.

If you use the sentence again and more, and this is also wrong from the search engine views.

If you take a Little care that always uses LSI sentence in both topics and subject, this is the best way. LSI sentence is meaningful words.

You can’t cheat search engine. If you use same names with content inside content, then LSI gets names how many times. Never make this mistake.

What is Keyword Density

Density means the density of how many times a keyword is in an article. How many words are there in the whole content and according to that how many times you have used the keyword.

Example: – if your blog post has 100 words, then the phrase has appeared 3 times in it, then the keyword density will be 3%. High keyword density is good for seo.

Whenever search engines crawl crawl your keywords, then they know which page keyword or post counts. Keeps keyword strength from 1 to 2% otherwise keyword input is possible.

Keyword stuffing means if you are using the same keyword repeatedly inside pharase, then it is called keyword stuffing.

If you do this, then your site page will not appear in google search.

Always stay away from the keyword focus, when the focus will be more on the keyword, soon the page will be counted.

Where to use Keyword in Content?

How to use keywords correctly in your post? If you have come to use the keyword in the right place, then there is a great art inside you. Rest i will try to tell accordingly.

  • Use keywords in the title.
  • Use keywords in the url as well.
  • Use it in meta description.
  • Use keywords in the first paragraph of the post.
  • Use heading or subheading.
  • Use the keywords in the image that you use alt tag as well.

Why is Keyword Important for SEO?

Sets position google post on seo and serp. Keywords are very important on an seo page, before that if you have no knowledge of seo, then first you have to understand about seo.

Suppose you have written the post, then google will not know on which topic the post is written. For this only seo will help you, it increases the traffic of the website.

I am telling you some points, by following which you can get your post ranked well.

  1. Title should contain keywords.
  2. Paragraph must contain keyword.
  3. Use keywords in permalink.
  4. Use keywords in the alt tag of the image.
  5. Also use keywords in h2 or h3 tags.
  6. Also use internal link and external link in your post.

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I hope you have liked this post and you must have been able to know what is what is keywords? How many types are there, and why is it important for seo? If still you have any doubt then please ask us by commenting. And i will try to reply to your content.

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