What is Information Technology and Communication

In this post you will learn what is information technology and Communication And where it is used?

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What is Information Technology

Information technology (it) is a field used under computer hardware and software to create, store, and manage electronic data.

Information Technology meaning

All types of technologies are incorporated within the it used for information access. All computer products like internet, network, data management etc. Are part of it. Also known as communication system, information system, or computer system.

What is ITeS?

The full name of ITeS is information technology enabled services. There are different types to work in it. Those who use information technology to improve organizational performance.

What is Information Technology and Communication

what is information technology and communication

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a technology used to manage communication processes such as communications, broadcast media, intelligent architecture management systems, audiovisual processing and transmission systems, and network-based control and monitoring functions.

Scope of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Information and Communication Technology is a highly integrated sector. It works closely with communication technology and how it affects other areas of human endeavor. It is a fast-growing educational sector and a viable source of livelihood.

It is a combination of phone and computer network with a single cable system that simplifies data storage, deception, management, and retrieval. It deals with website management, computer programming, and software development.

Web design, mobile application development, project management, security, network analysis, media equipment, computer engineering, computer studies, internet, intranet, Internet protocol (IP), system software, program software, signal technology, management of the base channel etc.

Most companies in the world prefer India for IT outsourcing.

It has been so useful today that all the work is being comp computered today, whether it is electric billiards, or train tickets or online shopping.

The ites industry in india has provided more than ten million jobs. Currently, the trend of ites has grown significantly. That by 2020 ites will bring in $ 220 billion.

It-enabled services include specific processes as

  • Bpo (business process release)
  • Kpo (information process release)
  • Call centers
  • Back office options
  • Data mining
  • Electronic publishing
  • Data processing
  • It / ites companies in india
  • Tech mahindra limited
  • Hcl technology limited
  • Wipro technology limited
  • Tata consultancy services ltd.
  • Infosys technologies ltd.
  • Niit technologies

The Importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

It creates an analytical mindset for students that helps them learn and provide solutions to problems from all related disciplines that they use as a learning tool.

Being an emerging field of education, it helps students to become creative and develop new ways of solving problems scientifically. It makes data retention and retrieval easier.

It is developing a global computer network known today as the Internet and intranet.

It accelerates economic development nationally as it is a powerful source of national currency for all nations that have fully embraced its usefulness. It creates meaningful jobs, making it a source of livelihood.

It makes understanding other subjects easier. Almost all fields of learning are as open to ICT as the use of a classroom teaching project.

It creates a way for the exchange of ideas and inventions between local and international information technology experts. It is the basis of e-learning and an online library. So disseminating information is easier than ever.

It is vital to global trade in all its achievements and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals as agreed by the United Nations in the year 2000. It is used in various offices to make proper documents for official and administrative duties.

Differences between IT (information technology) and ITeS

IT (information technology) utilizes technology software and ITeS is part of the it sector that utilizes it methods in various forms such as telecommunications centers etc.

IT is an information technology and ITeS is an it-enabled service. ITeS a service that uses it services in different areas. ITeS increases company flexibility. ITeS are a type of outsourced services. Includes various areas like insurance, banks and communications etc.

Use of Information Technology

In modern times it is a growing field because today almost all modern technology is based on it. Education, business, entertainment, communication etc takes everything today.


It has a vital role in the education sector, completely transforming the education system. Today we can take education using the internet to stay home. And there are many such online requests from well-reported information.

ICT class – there are many ways in which ICT is used in the classroom.

  • E-learning labs
  • Intelligent board presentation
  • Photo and video creation
  • Desktop publishing for books and documents
  • Educational games
  • Learning management system

Digital communication

Communication used to display messages, ideas, images and speeches. Today we use computer system modern communication. Modern communication like email, chat, ftp, telnet and video conference etc. The following types of software are used in digital communications.

  • Skype
  • Gmail
  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


It has a vital impact on business performance. Today’s business is more technologically advanced than before. Today as people add their customers with an online ad to grow their businesses.

Most business transactions are made through medium of e-commerce. Business trading happens with this. Smart cards like credit cards and credit cards used in stores.

Science and engineering

Scientists and engineers use computers to perform comprehensive science mathematics. Cad (computer aided design), cam (computer aid manufacturing) applications used for drawing, design, testing.

Computers used to store data on a large scale, perform complex statistics and view 3-d objects. Complex scientific applications such as rocket launch, space exploration etc. It does not happen without a computer.

Banking system

In modern times, the banking system is fully computer-based. All banking work is now online only computer. Used in the banking system for the following reasons such as

  • Transfer money from one account to another
  • Fixed a deposit.
  • Atm withdrawals.
  • Customer data and transactions are recorded by computer.

Health care

It is used in many ways in the field of health. The hospital management system is used to manage patient records and hospital related services. The use of machines such as ecg, eeg, ultrasound or ct scan has begun to be computerized. Other conditions related to health care.

  • Ecg (electro cardiogram machine) – this device is used to check the heartbeat.
  • Cat – computerized axial tomography machine – this machine is used to take 3d imaging on any part of the body.
  • Blood sugar testing machine.
  • Blood pressure monitor.


In the field of entertainment, technological advances such as the computer have provided many forms of entertainment in our lives. Today we can watch and access movies and music online online. There are many other such tools that are only possible because of it.


As it improvement occurs, in the same way problems like online fraud, data theft is always a challenge before us. For this reason information security technology has been developed. Example- when you open your bank account online, it security assures you only you can see your account information.

Government and civil servants

The government also uses computers too much in its work. Examples of this are digital India and e-governance. Government. And non govt. As well as international government agencies also use it applications to communicate and provide. There are many web sites in India that offer it services.

Components of Information Technology

Modern technology. Today technology contributes to all departments. The information system has an important role in this. Related data collection and management

  1. Hardware technology

This is the information technology of the body. Hardware parts we can see and touch like keyboard, mouse, cpu, motherboard etc.

  • Software technology

Software a collection of hardware information programs to do. Software developed in small programs, where software programmer writes instructions and instructions. Accordingly hardware works.

  • network technology

Network technology is a technology for networking by connecting hardware together. We use both wireless and wireless to build a network. Communication established. Network technology includes networks such as lan, man, wan. The internet is also a network.

  • Database technology

A website is a place where data is collected, data can be of any form as document files, worksheets, etc.

  • Employees

Personal information is the most important part of technology. Logo required for use of all the parts given above is possible for this.

Advantages of Information Technology and Communication

In the modern era of information technology, today most of the work is done only by computers. Why information technology is so important in our lives.

benefits if what is information technology and communication
  • It has changed the communication sector because with the help of all the work like message, voice call, video call etc. One can talk to anyone.
  • It set a new business standard, today it is easy for companies to reach their customers. Everyone doing business online. And they find it easier to sell their product.
  • As well as it information storage, it also protects.
  • Many jobs have been created in the it field such as computer editor, software engineer, web designer, system analysts, etc.

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The Conclusion

From this you must learn what is Information Technology and Communication ? And what are its benefits? Finally, if we can say that it is not just a topic but a very big industry.

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