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In today’s article, we will learn What is Email? and how to create an email account as well as know what are the benefits of creating an email.

Friends, in today’s time, there will hardly be any computer user who does not use email, you must have known about all email, but there are some things in it which you do not know which is very important for you to go.

Today in this article, we will know about email with complete information, so please read this article till the end so that you can get to know about email completely, then let’s go.

What is Email?

The full name of email is electronic mail, through which it is used to receive and send any message using the Internet, nowadays email is being used everywhere, now everyone has made it an official method.

Email is mainly used to sell and receive text images documents and any other type of file. If you want to send any stone online to any person, then you must know that person’s email address.

Email is the most used service on the Internet, it is such an electronic message that is sent and received between different computers connected to any network, even if a person is thousands of miles away, we can send any message through email. Documents can send image files very easily.

Email is like a normal letter, just as we write the recipient’s name, address, message, and sender’s name below in the normal letter, in the same way, we write the receiver’s address and message in the email using the Internet.

The only difference between an email and a normal letter is that a normal letter is written on paper and we write an email on a computer, to send a normal letter, we go to the nearest post office and post it, but in email, we use a computer. Send an email in a few seconds using

History of Email

The history of email is more than 50 years old. The first example of the email was found in 1965 on a computer at MIT in a program called Mailbox.

Users of this computer could leave messages on the computer with the program for other users, who could see them the next time they logged on to the computer, but in 1969 the US Department of Defense expanded the ARPANET, which is the purpose of communication within the organization. On 29 October 1969, the first messaging in ARPANET was sent from computer to computer.

The credit for sending the first email message goes to Ray Tomlinson, it is said that he created the first email system in 1971.

They linked the username with the mail server using the @ sign in it. Email messages are usually encoded in ASCII (American Code for Information Exchange).

Email service has to be used to store and access e-mail.

By the 1980s, the very first stage of the Internet, ISPs began to connect people all over the world. By 1993, the term electronic mail was replaced by email and the use of the Internet began to increase.

In the next few years, America Online gave a new shape to mail, Hotmail and not even e-mail, by the end of 1990, the Internet’s sir job was done completely.

After 1990, the use of the Internet became very high, which increased from 55 million users worldwide by 1997 to 400 million in 1999.

Types of Emails

Where are the Top 5 Types of Emails to Send to Your Customers-

Types of Email

• Newsletter Image

• Milestone Email

• Welcome Email Curated Email

• New Product Announcement

• Image review request email

• Special Offer Images etc.

Requirement to Create E-mail ID

What are the things needed to create an email id As you know that the email service is absolutely free and sending and receiving emails does not cost a single penny, we just need to be aware of some important email tools whose names I’m going to mention below

• First of all, you must have a computer smartphone

• Second Internet connection

• Third Email Provider

• Fourth should have a little knowledge about digital

Best Email Service Provider

Gmail – Gmail is the world’s most used email provider, it is a service of Google itself, so it is used by all the Internet users all over the world and the biggest businesses and organizations use any money to make it. Don’t have to spend.

Yahoo Mail! – Yahoo Mail Service also gives us the facility of email, its features and service are still very useful, so Yahoo Mail is also the best tool for you to create an email ID.

OutLook – This is also an email service provider made by Microsoft. Most businessmen and organizations use this Outlook software. Outlook also gives you a free facility to create a personal email ID. To use Outlook, it is necessary to have Microsoft Office on our computer, only then we can use Outlook software.

Rediffmail – If you want to stand out from your friends then you can use the rediffmail site. Rest of the services in this approx.

The Following links are

How to Create Email Id in Gmail

To create an email id, first, you have to select an email service, although many companies provide email service to provide email service, in today’s time, Gmail is the most popular email service so that you can easily You can create your email account, now we will know what are the steps to create an email id, then follow the tips given below.

1. First of all, open whatever browser is on your computer and enter www.gmail.com in the address bar.

2. Now click on Create Account As soon as you click on Create Account the signup form will open.

3. In this you will be asked for some information such as First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, etc. You fill those fields in a good way and click on Next.

4. In the next steps, you give your phone number from which your ID will be verified, so you enter the correct number and click on the Next.

5. A verification code will come on your mobile, which you have to fill there so that your mobile will be verified.

6. In the next steps, you have to give some personal information like birth date and gender, etc. Then you click on Next

7. After that review Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and then click on I’M which will create your Gmail account.

This is a completely free email service from Google that you can take advantage of.

Components of Email

Now we will know about some components of e-mail, which is very important for you to know because whenever we have to send or receive an email to someone, we must be aware of it, the structure of the email is quite easy. But there are some email services whose layout is different from the layout of Gmail but usually, there are two important parts of an email Header and Body.

Email address gives us information about the email address of the person sending and receiving mail and what kind of information about the mail. An email can contain the following parts.

From: In this part Sender i.e. your email address will come.

To: In this field to whom you want to send the message, then the email address has to be entered. You can also enter more than one email address in this field.

CC: It means Carbon Copy. This field is optional, in this field you will enter the email address of those persons to whom you want to give the copy of the email sent to the email recipient.

BCC: It means Blind Carbon Copy. This field is also optional. It works just like the CC field. But in this, the recipient does not know to whom the copies of his mail have been sent.

Subject: In this field, you will write that regarding which mail is being sent.


In this part, whatever content you want to send means whatever message you want to send, you will write in this body part. Below in this part, you have been given a lot of attachment options, using which you can send different types of messages with that email. You can attach files like images, videos, audio, etc. If you want to do any formatting in your message, then you can do that too by selecting from the options given below.

How to Send Email in Gmail Account

Now let us learn about how to send an email to someone using Gmail.

Gmail is a free service from Google that can be used by anyone on the Gmail website or mobile application.

• First of all you have to open Gmail’s site by going to your browser.

• After that click on the Sign in Go Log In button and log in by entering your email address and password.

• You have to click on the compose button at the top left side, which will open a window of a new message in which you have to enter the email address of another person in the TO field to whom you want to send.

• Whatever you want to write the message, write it in the body part, after that, you click on the send button given below, so that your email will reach that person in a few seconds.

Benefits of Email Service

• Email is a very useful tool for exchanging and sharing information.

• The biggest thing is that it is a free service that you can use whenever you want.

• Sending and receiving emails is very simple. You can type your message on the computer, then you can send it to the recipient immediately.

• Email reaches the person to whom you want to send it immediately because its speed is very high.

• You can also keep the record of email by storing it on your computer.

• Due to being electronic, paper is also not lost in sending and receiving emails.


In today’s article, we learned What is Email and what are its benefits. If you liked this article, then please do share it with your friends. If you have any doubt related to this article, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below, I will try to reply to your comment.

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