What is Cyber Security? Benefits of Cyber Security

In today’s article, you will learn what is Cyber Security and how it works, why it is important in today’s time, and what are its types. If you do not know about Cyber Security, then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

In today’s modern era, the whole world is connected with each other through the medium of the internet. In such a situation, you must have heard the incidents due to cybercrime. So to avoid this crime, we must know about Cyber Security.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a security that provides security to the devices connected to the Internet. Cyber Security makes both your hardware and software security. So that the data can not be stolen in any way. This protection protects your current devices like computers, servers, mobile phones, and networks from cyberattacks on the Internet.

Cyber Security is also known as system security, information security, technology security, or network security.

Cyber Security is made up of two words Cyber + Security

Cyber means whatever is the internet, information technology, computer, network, application, or data, it is all related to cyber.

Security means security, which includes system security, network security, and information security.

Many such crimes are committed on the Internet nowadays, in which hackers enter your system with the help of your hardware and software so that they steal the necessary files and data without taking permission. All these hackers do make money or information.

To stop all this, only use Cyber Security. According to the Data Protection Act 2018, the software manufacturer also has to take care of Cyber Security. That’s why you should always update your software.

So let’s now know how Cyber Security works?

How does Cyber Security work?

How does work Cyber Security

Ethical Hackers have a huge team network in Cyber Security. Which protects the data from being stolen, deleted, or any kind of damage to your device.

Inside it, the network, computer system, and data are kept secure. To give cyber security, today there are many companies all over the world who provide service by taking money.

The team working in all these companies provides security to them by thoroughly checking the wrong activities happening on the internet.

Why Need Cyber Security ?

According to a report, in the year 2019, about 7.9 billion data protection rules were violated. And this figure is increasing even today. Because of this, hackers enter your system steal the personal information of that person or organization, and misuse them.

Cyber security is important, for this we have given some points below, by reading which you will be able to understand well why cyber security has become necessary nowadays.

  1. If you have a company and you have copyright on all the data in it. So that no one steals it or any other person does not use it. Cyber security is necessary for all this.
  2. Cyber Security has become very important to keep your personal data like documents, images, or any type of data safe in our computer.
  3. It is very important to have Cyber Security even in the Defense System because nowadays cyber attacks take place in our country even in Defense Security.
  4. When it comes to security related to financial, then cyber security is very important in that because if the data in banking or kisi and financial sector is not secure then any hacker can withdraw money from our bank account.

Types of Cyber Security

In cyber security, security is provided to the user in different ways, now I am going to tell you about some such cyber security below.

types of cyber security
  • Network Security

You must have heard the name of Fire Ball in your computer or laptop, it is called the first layer of the network, it is a wall that allows saved things to enter and these secure viruses keep it out.

  • Application Security

This is such a network, whatever application we use in this network, the application has to go through a security process so that the shortcomings of that application can be overcome, if that application is unsafe then it is removed from the network.

  • Email Security

Email security is also a part. If you use Gmail, then you must have noticed that some emails in Gmail go to the Spam folder, why does this happen. This is because spam filters are installed in the network for email security so that disinfected emails can be kept out of reach of the user.

  • Network Access Control

Through this, the work of keeping unauthorized users or devices out of this network is done. Network access control secures the functionality of the network, in which the network operator decides which devices or applications follow the state and can be accessed from the network. Whether to allow access or not.

  • Antivirus Security

Nowadays everyone has a computer or laptop and we keep antivirus installed in our computer because it protects our computer from different types of viruses. Our personal information and private files are stored on the computer, so it is very important to save them.

Types of Cyber Crime

All the fiber attacks that are happening all over the world or have happened before are done in different ways, today along with technology, new types of cyberattacks are also coming in front of us.

  • Malware

Malware attacks are the most prominent type of cyber attack, also known as malicious software. Malviya It is a very dangerous software program created by hackers which are designed to harass other users and damage their systems. Malware can be of many types such as viruses, Trojan spyware, adware, etc.

  • Phishing

Phishing is a cyber-attack in which a cybercriminal shares a fake link to the user through a fake email or SMS, through which he steals the user’s personal details through that link, or the cybercriminal creates a fake web page and uses that web page. Sharing the page with the help of email If a person accidentally clicks on that link, then the criminal steals the personal information of that person such as credit card details, login id, password, bank details, etc.

  • Man in the Middle attack

This is such a cyber attack in which by communicating between two people, criminals tamper with that network, and in this cyber attack hackers access the communication going on between the users. Due to this the user also does not get any information and can steal all the data transfer happening between the two persons. Cybercriminals also use unsecured WiFi to carry out this attack.

How to avoid cyber attack?

As you know friends nowadays internet and technology is being used a lot, so cyber attacks are also increasing day by day, there are good people on the internet and there are bad people who are bad people, often this remains in their mind. That is how to steal the user’s data and then how to damage their system.

By attacking, most of the people make their victims who do not have much knowledge about technical knowledge and cyber safety, those people who use less internet or are not careful, then those people easily believe on those websites by mistake. Or they share their personal information with an unknown person. In such a situation, criminals make him a victim, to avoid this, today I am going to tell you some tips which you have to follow.

Always use antivirus software on your computer or laptop because antivirus prevents viruses from coming into your system and blocks those fake websites or programs. Antivirus also deletes viruses if they are already in your system is.

  • To Use Strong Password

Whenever you log in to your system, always use a strong password and keep the password in such a way that no one can guess that password. Always keep your password secure and do not reveal it to anyone.

While creating the password, always do not use things like your name, date of birth, mobile number at all because it becomes very easy to crack the password.

To make a strong password, make a combination of all these special characters, symbols, letters, numbers and keep changing your password after a few days.

  • Updating operating system and software

Whatever software you are using inside your system, always update all those software with the latest version and whatever operating system your system is working on.

Use that also on the updated version, as you would know that the operating system and software are made from coding and when you add something new to that software or operating system, the company launches a new version.
When new code is added to any software, it is made better than the old code, that is why you should always keep your operating system and software updated.

  • Do Not Open Fake Email Attachments

Never open unknown email attachments in your email as it may contain viruses and criminals can also try to steal your data.
You must have received or seen many such mails on the Internet, in which it is written that your lottery has been held or in the name of the bank that you are going to get so much money, then if you get fake job emails, then in such emails A link to a website is given which is a fake website.
So never click on that rating site, it may also contain a virus or if you open that gender soon, then your system can also be hacked.

Advantages of Cyber Security

  • With the help of cyber security, we can keep our entire network safe and use the internet without any hassle.
  • With cyber security, we can remain unauthorized access SEBI and there is no risk of data loss of any kind.
  • Nowadays online transactions are very much in vogue because today everything has become online, so nowadays most of the users do online transactions, then with cyber security we can do transactions in a very safe way.
  • It gives a security cover to our data so that hackers cannot exploit your personal and financial or mental.

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