What is Computer Virus? How Computer Virus Works

In today’s article, you will learn what a computer virus is and what its types are and what steps to take to avoid it.

Everyone knows how to use the computer and those who use the computer must hear the name of the computer virus also.

A virus is the most popular name in the internet world, a small automated program that installs a computer and a computer application.

Extremely harmful to computers and other gadgets means a system that, once installed, can disrupt usage and also damage your data.

The virus is a written system that attaches itself to a computer boot and often when the computer is driven by force when the virus is very widespread. Delays disk speed ​​once installed on your computer hard disk and it takes longer to make a program.

When the virus is active, it attaches itself to computer memory and begins to spread.

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To keep the computer safe from viruses, it is very important to understand the virus, so today in this post we will discuss information about the computer virus, how many kinds of it and what steps to avoid it.

What is Computer Virus ?

Computer virus is a small program designed to remove or damage computer performance.

Computer Virus Definition

computer virus

These programs install a computer without our knowledge and destroy the system in such a way that it is very difficult to repair. As you know the computer is running by many software programs, without software can not access it.

There are many programs that are designed to make the computer work properly and there are many such programs that are designed to damage the computer.

Just as you know that the person who created the computer is also a person and the programs in it are also made by people.

Similarly, viruses and man-made systems, never created by themselves. It is also deliberately designed to damage the computer.

Who invented the Computer Virus

The First Computer Virus Was Invented By Robert Thomas In 1971. He Was An Engineer Who Made It While Working In BBN Technology.

  • First Of All This Virus Was Named “Creeper Virus” Which Was Developed By
    Thomas Ji Himself. When This Virus Used To Effect And The Following Message Was Displayed On The Screen “I’m The Creeper, Catch Me Of You Can.”

The first to track down the original wild computer virus was “elk cloner”. Cloner first affected the apple-ii operating system through floppy disks. This virus was developed by Richard Skrenta in 1982 who was a

The first person to name this malicious program a computer virus was Fred cohen, who named it in 1983.
The name of this program came to light when he published his academic paper titled “computer viruses – theory and experiments”. In this, he made full mention of how it works and what it can do.

How is a Computer Virus Spread?

There can be many causes of a computer virus, it can install your system in many ways by using email attachments, clicking the usable files, or viewing an infected website ad, there can be many other reasons.

The virus can also spread to your computer via a USB drive. Once it has invaded your system, then install additional software and software.

Computer Virus Types

A computer virus is a form of malware only, if it inserts your computer memory, then it repeats and changes programs and applications.

Now I will tell you about other types of computer viruses you should know about. After that how to do it to avoid it.

  • Boot Sector virus

The boot sector virus is in the hard disk boot or floppy disk boot. This touches master boot record the hardest to remove. Such viruses originate from removable media. As soon as we start the computer, these viruses create an obstacle to loading the operating system. To remove these viruses, the system must be Formatted.

  • Resident Virus

Resident viruses are computer viruses that store themselves in ram memory and allow other programs to infect them. Some of these viruses work at a very slow speed and some at a very high speed.

Due to this virus, there is a lot of problem in the system such as operating the system, system shutdown, or problem in copy-pasting the data, etc. Resident viruses are problematic because they can hide in the system’s ram and escape from antivirus and anti-malware.

  • File Infector Virus

Talking about today’s time, this virus has the highest share, this virus can easily infect the files stored in the computer.

When we access any program or file, the file infector virus gets activated and it slows down your system. These viruses damage data files like .bin files, .exe files.

These viruses get into the user’s computer along with the email.

  • Polymorphic Virus

This type of virus is mostly used by cybercriminals. It is very difficult to identify this type of virus. They affect the system in different ways.
This virus is also vulnerable to any anti-malware, when any antivirus detects it, it modifies itself, so it becomes very difficult to catch it.

  • Direct Action Virus

This type of virus is also called a non-resident virus. These viruses attack only some specific files such as files with .com and .exe extensions. This virus remains hidden in the computer’s memory. The hard disk root directory contains these viruses that infect files.

These viruses do not attack user experience and systems performance. Therefore this virus can be removed. An antivirus program has to be run to remove it.

  • Macro Virus

Macro viruses affect the software and programs that have macros. Macro virus this Microsoft office means damages files like word, spreadsheet, PowerPoint, due to which their speed slows down.

A macro is an automatic input sequence that simulates keyboard and mouse actions.

This computer virus spreads only through any software or application, whenever you open any software, it starts its work, so it can also infect the operating system.

  • Overwrite Viruses

To remove this virus from the system, only those files which are infected by it have to be deleted. These viruses enter the system through email, it becomes very difficult to identify them.

It can destroy any files or applications by overwriting itself.

  • Browser Hijacker

This virus modifies the setting of the web browser without the permission of the user. For example, if you enter the URL in the address bar, the browser hijacker takes you to another infected website instead of taking you to that website. They usually do this type of work to increase income from advertisements.

As the internet is being used a lot nowadays, that is why most of the viruses spread in the system is also the main reason. Like you are playing an online game or watching a movie online, then the chances of getting a virus in your device increases.

If this virus enters your computer, it will slow down your system. And such viruses come easily through the internet.

  • Partition Table Virus

This type of virus damages the hard disk’s partition table and infects the hard disk’s master boot record. This does not harm the data and it reduces the capacity of ram.

Symptoms of Computer Virus – Symptoms of Computer Virus

Usually, the virus is malicious software that we can call malware. It can be distributed in our program by any means. What kind of symptoms appear in our time due to the spread of viruses. How do you know if a virus has arrived on our computer? That’s why we will tell you about other such signs and symptoms so that you can know if your computer is infected or not.

  • Low internet speed
  • Use the internet continuously without antivirus
  • Unexpected ad opening
  • Any program that takes longer to load
  • There is also a reason to inform the kisi alert message while using the browser.
  • Additional files will be copied to apki hard disk.
  • Arrival of unwanted emails.
  • Computer suspension frequently and reasonably
  • Pop-ups come to the screen over and over again.
  • Watching movies, online games online.
  • Disinfection is out of date.
  • Automatically open files and programs within the application.

Given above are some such symptoms by which you can find out whether your computer has a virus or not. And it becomes very important for us to protect our computers from viruses, otherwise, it destroys the entire data.

How to Avoid Computer Virus

If a virus has come into our computer, then how to avoid it, what should we do so that we can remove the virus from our system?

Any person who uses the internet more must be aware of the ways to avoid them. Now I am going to tell you some ways by which you can protect your system from computer viruses.

how to avoid computer
  1. If you use the internet every day and install premium antivirus in your time. The advantage of this is that when a new virus comes, then you get its regeneration, so that the virus can be avoided.
  2. Do not download third party applications from such unknown websites offering various types of offers.
  3. If you want to visit any website, then visit the popular and registered website.
  4. If you want to connect to your system with a pen drive or removable disk, then scan it first. After it must be used.
  5. Keep your computer always updated means to keep updating application once and for previous errors.
  6. Never click on a link or ad provided with an email attachment. Alternatively, scan with antivirus first.
  7. If you have imported data to your computer, then save backup because no antivirus provides 100% security in your system.
  8. If possible, avoid file sharing because it also increases the chances of malware coming.

  1. If you have imported data to your computer, then save backup because no antivirus provid

How to Scan Computer for Virus

If a virus come into your computer then install the latest antivirus download from the Internet. After Download, you have to install it and scan Computer for Virus. today, Various types of Antivirus available in market but some antivirus are paid or some are free. According to me, please use to paid antivirus for Full functions to Scan computer for Virus.

Latest computer antivirus – names of some antivirus that you can use for your computer –

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