What is Bounce Rate? How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

This article is very important to those who have their website or blog. Because today in this article I will talk about the most important thing of SEO, What is Bounce Rate, and How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

When you run your website or blog, you will know little about the bounce rate level. You also have a global position of your website, India position, and how many visitors come to the Alexa page. You will have to check this. After that, you will see again with bounce rate order with it.

In fact, blogger feels worse when website bounce rate exceeds rate. And website or blog support depends automatically.

Where you are a new blogger it is very important to be aware of other SEO objectives like Alexa rank, site speed, traffic, page views. All these terms are used for the purpose of SEO.

  • It is for all blogger that a visitor on its site should read his post as far as possible, but if a user or a visitor does not read your website posts, then we have a definition. That your website’s bounce level will rise.

How to adjust bounce rate, also what I will tell you for full details within this article.

If you want to get good traffic for your website, then definitely read this post the last time to bring good traffic to your blog. That’s why first let us let you know the Bounce rate?

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What is Bounce Rate ?

Bounce rate is made up of two words, one bounce which means jump and the other rate which means quantiri or frequency.

“bounce rate means the percentage of visitors who come to your page but go back without clicking on any other page”

“reduction means the percentage of visitors who arrive on your page but go back without clicking another page”

Having bounce rate reduce shows that your website post is not properly published so the content is not good. Or it may be that the structure of your site is not good.

With this in mind, you should understand that when the bounce rate increases and visitors to your website or blog decrease. If the visitor is small now the position will also be below. You will also reduce your income.

  • Let’s understand it by taking an example as the rate depletion of our site by 50% means that. Total total visitors to our site, 55% visitors are open only one page of our site.

The lower the bounce rate of your website, the better. Now it is known what should be the balance rate.

What Should be the Bounce Rate

So far you’ve learned a little bit about bounce rate. Now let’s talk about what a bounce rate should be.

If we talk about the normal level of bounce, then it is less than 10%. But it is very common to get a bounce rate less than 10%. If your site is 90% or more it means the user is not interested in your site.

Bounce level is medium, range from 40% to 70%.

To understand it well i divide it into four parts

  • 1% to 10%
  • 10% to 40%
  • 40% to 70%
  • More than 70%

If you think that all bounce rates are the same then then it is wrong because not all bounce rates are the same. Different bounce rates on different websites. Other prices as follows

  1. Websites with content – 40% – 60%
  2. blogs – 70% – 98%
  3. Websites that make lead generation – 30 – 50%
  4. Trading website – 20 – 40%
  5. Sites with landing page – 70 -90%
  6. Website providing any service – 10 – 30%

Now you know what a bounce rate should be and now we know how to reduce the bounce rate on our website.

How to Check Bounce Rate

By the way, you will find many websites on the internet from which we can check the bounce rate for our website. But the best and perfect site is google analytics and alexa.

It is very important for a new blogger to know the bounce rate so that he can improve his website.

Check bounce rate on alexa

  1. go to alexa.com .
  2. Audience geography
  3. Engagement
  4. Top keyword from search engine
  5. Total sites linking
  6. Related sites

First of all register on this site, it is free for 14 days, then you can take advantage of its service.

Bounce Rate on Google Analytics

In google analytics, you can also see the daily, monthly, or weekly routes and accordingly you can also check the bounce rate. But in this matter it is very important for your blog to link to statistics.

What is the reason for increasing your website’s Bounce Rate?

Your website bounce level is bad, there can be many reasons for this-

  1. website load speed ​​high.
  2. lack of high quality content.
  3. Having a single page
  4. Bad website build.
  5. Having copy content.
  6. Finding invalid keyword calculated by traffic.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Site design: – well the design has no value except if the design of your site means fonts, images, background all this is wrong and and if the site does not respond to mobile.

So it will not be fun for the user. So it is normal to raise the bounce level. So choose the font properly. The font and its color should not be different in different ways within the site.

The important thing that you should keep your standard blogging format and not be more colorful.

Lack of quality content: – if your website does not have high quality content, the user will not stay on your site for a long time, this also leads to a reduction.

To minimize this, you should save between 600 and 1000 content posted on your site and the content should be as user-friendly.

Site page speed: – the acceleration of your site news above bounce level, if your site takes more time opening when visitor response will not be good and visitors will arrive on your site unreasonably.

So your local upload speed ​​must be high, so to buy good hosting for your website, if you purchase hosting then use fast upload plugins.

When your page upload time –

  • If it is less than 1 second now it is really perfect.
  • If from 1 second to 3 second is excessive.
  • If 3 to 5 seconds after that can be called medium.
  • But if it is more than 5 seconds it is considered bad.

One-page site: – even if there is only one page on your website, this could be the reason because if a user wants information, he lives it.

Blog writing format: – it’s also bad for not writing posts in standard format because if the user doesn’t understand the post or after reading it, they will never visit your website again.

Copy paste content: – do not copy content from any website because the visitor understands that this content is taken from other websites.

Focus on the internal link: – even if you do not make an internal link within your post, the chances of an increase in the rate of increase. Because by this students will read the content from time to time.

But after closing it it will end, so insert a related link inside your post for user to read and its related content. This reduces bounce rate.

To Check Reduce Bounce Rate For Website by Neil Patel


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The conclusion

you have learn from this article What is bounce rate and How to Reduce Bounce Rate? If you use these tips then you will definitely get your website traffic and the rate will increase. Due to the fact that the bounce level will decrease. If you have doubts related to this post, after that you can ask us for comments, after that i will try to answer your comments.

Finally, i want to say if you like this post, then please share this post as long as you can for a new blogger to know about bounce rate very well.

Thank you so much for reading this post!

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