What is a Digital Signature | How to create Digital Signature?

Hello friends, welcome to this wonderful article of ours, friends, do you know what a digital signature is, and how to create it. If you do not know about digital signatures, then the article is absolutely right for you.

You must know that the signature is the proof of our consent, but have you ever thought that even if your signature can be forged, some people copy the signature of anyone exactly. can. Due to this, you may have to face very difficult problems.

But there is no need to panic because you can avoid fraud with the help of a digital signature. In this great article, we are going to give you detailed information about Digital Signature, please read our article till the end.

In this article, you will get detailed information about what is a digital signature, how to create a digital signature, how it works, its benefits and how to verify a digital signature, etc.

what is a Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is a technology that can be used properly to find out about the veracity of any document, it is fully recognized by the Government of India like we can authenticate any documents with our consent. Similarly, we can use a digital signature to authenticate a digital document. The digital signature is legally valid.

A digital signature has become essential for digital documents. It is not possible to copy the digital signature as with it you are given a privacy digital signature key and PIN. As long as you have this PIN, your digital signature is completely secure. And get rid of its troubles.

Like you express your consent by signing on a bank passbook or checkbook or any other document, then there is a fear of your signature being stolen in it, but in today’s digital era, your signature is safe through digital signature. can do.

how to create Digital Signature

You must have known what is a digital signature, now let us tell you how to create it. A digital signature is based on public-key cryptography, a digital certificate is first needed to create it, but you have to keep in mind that this digital signature is completely provided by the certificate authority.

CA (Certificate Authority) is a person who is recognized and licensed by the government to provide digital signatures under the Information Technology Act 200. The CA providing the facility of digital signature has to pay its fee,

After which that person generates your digital certificate and gives you your signature by creating his digital signature. It may take one to two weeks to create a digital signature. The validity of a digital signature issued by a CA is only 1 to 2 years.

How digital signature works?

A digital signature is completely different from a paper signature, in that a software-generated public key is used, this signature cannot be used by everyone, a digital signature can be used only by the one who has been given the right to a digital signature. User ID and password are required to use.

Digital Signature Providers use a special protocol, called (PKI) meaning Public Key Infrastructure, using which two keys are created based on the details of the signer. In which the first is the public key and the second is the private key.

Whenever a person’s documents are signed, the signature is created by the signer’s private key, which includes checking the details of the documents by matching them correctly with the help of a mathematical algorithm,

This whole process is called hash, in this process, the data is encrypted with the hash and attached to the documents.
This is the main process of digital signature.

Advantages of Digital Signature

With the help of a digital signature, the validity of any document can be checked, the most important thing about a digital signature is that once you have digitally signed on any document, then those documents cannot be changed after that, And neither can they be tampered with, if someone does this, the system will not accept the documents nor the digital signature will be valid, this facility can avoid duplication of documents.

Where is the need for a digital signature

We told you about how the digital signature works above, and its benefits, now you will know where the digital signature is needed,
A digital signature is needed in these places.

  • To e-sign agreements and contracts
  • To fill the file of government tender
  • To do an e-Sign of Company Incorporation
  • To file applications like trademarks and copyrights file an income tax return
  • For e-trending
  • To send and receive digitally signed email digital Signature is required everywhere.

Where to get a digital signature

The digital signature can be obtained from any valid CA certificate authority in India, for this, you need a PAN card as ID proof. After this, you have to give your address proof, such as a photocopy of the ration card, passport, electricity bill, water bill, etc., and take your passport size photo to the CA’s office.

Emudhra, CDAC, Safe Scrypt, n code Capricorn are licensed as Certificate Authority by the Government of India.

how to verify the digital signature

•• First you have to open the PDF file in PDF Converter Professional,

•• Then click on the right side of the Digital Signature Certificate field,

•• Here you will see the option of Verify Signature, click on that option,

•• Now you will get to see the property option in it, click on it,

•• Then you click on Verify Identify, now here you have to add the phone number of the owner of the document,

•• Now you will get to see the option of Add to list, click on it and click on close,

•• Now click on Verify Signature, after that click on the signature is valid in the validity status, now click on Close,

•• Now you should see a checkmark and signature in it,

After doing this the process of verifying your digital signature will be completed.

Recognition of Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signatures are recognized throughout India under Information Technology 2000, and can only be issued by entities and authorities licensed by the Ministry of Information Technology, Digital Signatures also have an issue date and an expiry date. Which is written on the digital signature document itself.

Difference between a digital signature and a digital certificate

A digital certificate is used to verify a website whereas a digital signature is used to verify a document.

In a digital signature, the document is encrypted from the sending end and scripted from the receiving end using asymmetric keys. And the same digital certificate is done by a trusted agency. It follows key generation for what we know as CA.

Digital Certificate provides authentication and security and Digital Signature Authentication provides non-repudiation and integrity.

How much is the fee for a digital signature

Usually, the digital signature is Rs 899, whose validity is available only for 1 year, it is a class 2 individual. Similarly, class 3 individual face is 1999 and with that only one-year validity is available. The fee of DSC / DGFT is ₹ 2499 with which you are given validity of 1 year.

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