What is Bulk Email? How to Send Free Bulk Email?

Hello friends, in today’s article we will learn what is a Bulk Email and how it is used. What are the tools through which we can send messages simultaneously?

As in the earlier time, when sending a document or letter, one had to go to the post office and due to which it used to take a lot of time. Suppose if a function had to send an invitation, then everyone had to send different letters to different addresses.

But friends, as soon as the email set its foot, we got some relief. Because the messages we used to post now started using email and within a few seconds our message started reaching others which we want to reach. There has been a lot of saving of email arrival time.

Friends, if there is any company like this and thousands of customers are working in it. And we want to mail them some information, so friends, if we have to mail thousands or millions of customers, then this is not an easy task, that is why we use bulk email to overcome this dilemma.

In today’s time, every company or organization is using bulk email. Today, as many big shopping sites as there are government sites and or banking sites, they all use bulk email to send their common message.

Bulk email is a huge market that gives the facility of bulk mail to the companies.

What is BULK Email?

Bulk Email is an email service that can be used to send messages to many people at once. Most of you will get to see marketing and advertising messages in this. We use bulk Email to increase our business.

What is a Bulk Email

Talking about today’s time, bulk Email is being used the most in email marketing. Gmail service is being used the most nowadays and in a few seconds documents, files, media, etc. reach another person through email. You must have seen that many such promotional emails come in Gmail, all of them are done only through email marketing.

In Gmail, you can send 250 emails within a day, but you can also send as many messages as you want through bulk email. With the help of bulk email, you can give information to sell or buy products, services for the growth of your business.

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You can use Bulk Email not only on a computer but also on an Android phone. Suppose you have purchased a product and after the product is delivered, the company from which you have purchased the product in your application’s account keeps sending some of the other messages related to that product.

This company is not only sending the message to you but there are many other customers who are being sent messages or notifications. This notification is sent to the customer simultaneously only with the help of bulk email.

How to Send Bulk Emails Free

If we want to market our business or product, then email marketing is a very good tool. If the website or business is also to be promoted, then email marketing is the easiest and most effective way. By the way, as you know that today the number of mobile users has become very high, that is why the importance of email marketing has also increased.

How to send Bulk email free

But the user must have this problem from where to get bulk emails for email marketing. That is why the app must read this post till the last so that you can understand well how to use bulk email for free.

If we have emails in bulk, then how will we send emails, what are the methods by which we can send emails for free?

Now I will tell you about 3 such methods using which you can send bulk emails for free.

1. Send Bulk Email From Gmail

Friends, the first method is Gmail. If you want to send bulk emails using the service Gmail, then you can do it easily. For this, it is very important to have first your Gmail id and after that, you log in and compose.

After composing, you save the email in the draft by writing the email subject and content. After saving the email draft, you have to search google Docs in google and click on the first link, when it will open, then click on the sheets and insert the blank sheet.

After inserting the blank sheet, you have to click on the addons button and click on Yet Another Mail Merge and add the permission of Gmail.

After adding Yet Another Mail Merge, you have to add your bulk email list to this blank sheet and after adding the email list, you have to click on start mail merge and continue.

After that fill in the name and in the email template, you have to choose the email which is saved in the draft. After that click on send emails button. By which emails will be sent.

The people whose list you have added to the sheet, you will see in that sheet how many people have opened the email and how many people have clicked. You can check everything. Using the service of Gmail, you can send emails to 100 people in 1 day absolutely for free.

2. Send Bulk Email from Business Email

If you want to send a bulk email by another method, then you can send it through a business email. You get the business if you have purchased hosting from a hosting company. , That company provides you email account from which you can create a business email.

You can create business emails according to your niche. For example, if your niche is technology, then you can create t[email protected] Business email depends on its domain and niche. But if you do not know about hosting, then you can know by reading our article on what is web hosting.

After creating a business email, you have to open the email and click on the compose button.

After clicking, the emails have to be entered in the To field, and in add Bcc, enter all the emails that have been collected in bulk. Business email can also be connected with Gmail.

3. Send Bulk Email from Website

Now we will learn the 3rd`method of sending a bulk email which can be done through the website. Friends, we will talk about those websites which give the facility to send bulk email for free. With the help of these websites, you can send bulk emails for free.

Like mailerlite.com, Sendinblue, bweeble.com, etc., Like in herculist.com you have to buy credits to send an email for free, you will get these credits after login in this website, when you register in that website you will get a link on register email, When you click on this link, a countdown will open, this countdown can be of 15-20 seconds, after watching this 20 seconds countdown you will get 50 credits. With 2 credits, the app can send an email to 1 person. If you watch the 10-minute countdown, then you can have around 2000 credits, so that you can send an email to 1000 people in a day for free.

By the way, in the above sites, you will also get paid plans, so that you can send bulk emails by taking their paid subscription, whose limit capacity is very high.

How to Send Bulk Email from Outlook

Sending multiple emails to Outlook is possible – but not without your limits. Find out how to do it and learn why using an email marketing service is a very profitable option.
Send bulk email via Outlook in 6 easy steps
Outlook allows you to send multiple emails to contacts using Microsoft Word. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Word and write your email
  2. With Word, open the Mailings ribbon
  3. Click the Start Mail Merge menu, and then click Email Messages in the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Select Recipients and then select from three options:
    (1) Type a New List where you will enter your contact data manually in the new dialog box,

(2) Use the Existing List that lets you select the .csv (Excel) file on your computer. The .csv file would need to be pre-configured with data organized in less than three columns (First Name, Last Name, Email Address)

(3) Select Outlook Contacts. Choose your own addresses from existing Outlook contacts

  1. Once the recipients are selected, click Finish & Merge and Send Email Messages.
  2. In the Merge E-mail box, type the email subject and click OK.

Why Not Send More Bulk Email’s from Outlook

Unlike dedicated email marketing services, Outlook is not designed to send multiple emails. Use it for this purpose and you will soon be frustrated by the following features:

  • Daily email limit: like most Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Outlook limits the number of emails you can send per day up to 300.
  • Lack of email design features such as email templates and coding resources. It is not easy to create emails with a good name.
  • There is no way to preview an email on different devices before sending it.
  • There are no reporting or statistical features to see how campaigns work
  • Many emails are sent from Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. often marked as spam by both ISPs and email recipients.
  • Spam reports affect your sender dignity and are less likely to access inboxes for your recipients in the future as a protection.
  • Non-professional sender address ([email protected]) and high number of spam reports may cause you to be blocked when sending via Outlook. This means that your IP address for the mail server is likely to be rejected by all other servers and may be able to send additional emails.

Why Email Marketing is Best for Sending Bulk Email

Email marketing remains the most profitable marketing channel, boasting a $ 32 ROI for every $ 1 spent. To use this type of ROI, you need to invest in a dedicated email marketing service like Sendinblue because Outlook alone will not cut it.

Email Marketing Bulk email

Special email marketing service:

Make adding contacts and selecting email lists easier;
Allows you to create professional-looking emails with cool branding and design features;
It makes it possible to include products, various images, and dynamic personal content such as the content of a single discarded cart;

  • Gives you email performance reports;
  • It can help with email listing;
  • Protects the dignity of the sender;
  • Allows you to comply with the GDPR.
  • There are many such providers in the market that offer a wide range of different features at different price points. To get the most out of you, check out this list of the Best email marketing services.

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