Top 10 Free Blogging Sites List

Hello friends, today in this post I will tell you about the top ten lists of blogging sites for free blogging. So please read this post to the end. Only you will know how to build a free blog and how to make money from it-

Want to create a blog or website? You don’t want to spill anything but what you should have with a cell phone or laptop. You also have an internet connection.

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites List For New Blogger

You want to make a blog and you can’t do it without investing. How to create a blog without spending anything, what you call free, is nothing really.

The most important thing to create a blog is to give time. Internet, laptop, or cell phone required, and after all this, we call it free. Actually, what we have, we call it freely.

We can build a blog in two ways.

1. Self-control blog

2. Free blog

Both of these have advantages and disadvantages, domain-hosted hosting or purchase hosting must be made. But what is used for free? That’s the time, but that’s not the time. If we want to succeed at the blog, we must give it patient time.

If you are a new blogger and want to start a blog. So if the free option is ok. You will learn something from here, where you will become more expert in it, and change the paid domain.

There are many such websites to create a free blog. Here we can create a blog. If you want to spend money after that you can start with self-control.

How can you make a blog for free?

Free Blogging sites List - blogger
  • Whenever a blog is created, it has an address we call url.
  • For a free blog, the site on which the blog will be built is sub-domain for that website. Like bloggerkey and has a free blog. What made on bloggspot whose url is

Benefits of free blog

  • No hosting problem, server error.
  • You don’t have to spend anything
  • Ad-sense approval available easily.
  • If there is traffic on your blog, then there is no problem with influence.

Disadvantages of free blog

  • Cannot control blog completely.
  • If you copy someone else’s content, the blog can be deleted.
  • Profiting from a free blog is very difficult.
  • There are many limits to free blog.
  • You can’t place ads personalized.
  • I can’t make my own. You are learning to apply already existing.
  • Local ads you use to make a free blog will never be removed.

Top 10 Free Blogging Sites List

People want to make the most of their free time but it’s free and there are limitations.

But initially, the blogger wanted to learn something about creating a free blog, so I keep telling about the top ten blogging places in this post, I use what we can do to blog more.


Blogger is a very famous platform, it is very easy to use. This is a product of Google itself and is popular all over the world. Blogging is also known as Blogspot.

Free Blogging sites List - Blogspot

This product from google is a popular WordPress alternative and is completely free. In this, you can create any type of website.

If you want to create a blog on Blogspot then you will only need an email id.


  • Life time free access can be done.
  • Adsense can be applied from its dashboard itself.
  • Do not buy domain and hosting separately.
  • You can start an online business with only one email id.
  • The template which is by default can be easily optimized.
  • Where blogging is stress free because it is hosted on google’s server.
  • The biggest advantage of this platform is that it provides ssl certificate.


  • You cannot access full control.
  • Blogspot gives you limited storage.
  • It offers very few customized features.
  • Although the price is free, but if you buy a custom domain and theme, then you read to invest money.
  • The advantage of seo is less.

2) WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular free blogging platforms available on the internet. It is the second most popular platform after Blogspot.

Free Blogging sites List -Wordpress

WordPress. But many logos have confusion about WordPress whether we should create a free blog on or on But there is a lot of difference between these two.

in WordPress, we can create a blog in both free or paid ways. Creating a blog in WordPress is like a blogger, it is very easy to use it too. But if you use paid method. So it becomes more powerful than blogger.

This is a content management system.

There is more limitation on, in this only basic features can be used. A blog cannot be transferred on a custom domain. Along with this, you can not put any kind of advertisement.
If you want to use advanced features then it will have to be upgraded to premium.


  • Doesn’t require setup
  • It is very easy to use.
  • Comes with hosting and subdomain.
  • Affiliate marketing can be done on this blog.
  • This platform made in php language is lightweight and easy to load the blog.
  • Provides full support to the customer.


  • Premium Plan is costly in WordPress.
  • Very few plugins are available.
  • Their price is free but for advanced features only premium plan will have to be taken.
  • If you do not use the terms of service properly, then wordpress can suspend your account.

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3) Weebly

Weebly is a very good platform in which we can create a professional website by drag and drop. Weebly has been in operation since 2006 and is a California website.

Free Blogging sites List -weebly

We can also create a blog for free on Weebly but it also provides a web hosting service. Websites can also be created with its help.

The biggest thing is that in 2007, the name of Weebly started appearing in the top 50 websites. You will find more than 10 million blogs on Weebly.

In this, you can easily create categories, menus, pages, and posts by drag-drop.
More than 50 million sites are maintained by Weebly in the world.

The security of your data is taken care of in this platform. Apart from this, Weebly provides good templates to create a blog or online store.


  • Where many tools will be available, which will help in increasing the blog rapidly.
  • Weebly provides you an attractive theme.
  • Their customer support is very good.
  • In this you can show ads in the free plan.
  • Provides ssl certificate free.


  • Weebly has limited storage.
  • Traffic stats is not available in free plan.


Wix is ​​also one of those free blogging platforms. In this, the blog can be designed in a good way by drag and drop with increased ease.

Free Blogging sites List -Wix

The back-end functionality is also taken care of in this platform.

You also get to see the advertisement for Wix. If you want, you can watch it on youtube, it will definitely be seen in some videos, it has many designs. And on taking premium, more facilities are available.

If you need help with Wix, then they help in setting up the blog. And their platform is such that your blog gets loaded quickly.

Customer support is very good by doing this platform, if you have any doubt or any question in your mind, then it solves those questions.

If you want to start blogging in Wix then it is a good platform and it is also free.


  • There is no need for coding in this
  • Custom domain can be added.
  • Offers pre designed templates which is responsive.


  • Shows ads in the free plan.
  • Once you have selected a template, you cannot use another.


Tumblr is also a free platform on which blogs can be easily created. Tumblr looks somewhat like Twitter.

Tumblr is now being used for social share. Most bloggers have started doing Tumblr for off-page SEO.

Tumblr is a platform that has more than 450 million users. On this platform, you can easily share many things like jokes, stories, tv shows, mp3s, videos, fashion, etc.


  • It is easy to use.
  • You can also add custom domain.


  • If you want to start by thinking of earning money, then do not do it.
  • It is not seo friendly either.

6) Medium

Medium is also one of those free blogging provider websites. It is easy to work on it because its design is very simple. The value of this platform is also very high.

Free Blogging sites List -Medium

If your blog is ranked in this then the blog will go to a very high level. But the only problem in this is that there is no complete control. Can use some tools.

If your mind is only towards writing and publishing platforms then the medium will be best for you.

The medium you cannot monetize the content, so you cannot even earn. By the way, millions of people are also using this platform for their blogging.
If you want to use its advanced feature, then you can take advantage of it by spending a little money.


  • Medium platform only focuses on writing and publishing.
  • Blogging in it is absolutely free.
  • It is a very powerful tool for content creator.


  • You cannot give it full control.
  • Can’t run ads on it.
  • Self hosted wordpress is not possible from medium in future.
  • This platform is not so great for writing a blog in hindi language.


Livejournal platform who want to start blogging then this is a great option. As the name suggests, the live journal is where live is the work of reading and writing.

Free Blogging sites List-tumblr

If you are blogging for free, then its advertisement is kept.
There are more than 15 million blogs on this website. Private messages and videos can be uploaded on this platform.

If you want to remove its brand, then its paid platform will have to be used.


  • Basic tools free of cost.
  • No coding required.


  • Its advertisement continues for free.
  • Paid platform is a bit expensive.

8) Joomla

If there is a platform after WordPress then it is Joomla. Joomla is a content management system that is being used by millions of users.

Free Blogging sites List-joomla

You can also get very good-looking templates in Joomla. In Joomla, you can easily color, font, table, or background.


  • Where you will find pre-made templates.
  • Great for static websites and e-commerce websites.
  • It has a huge directory of extensions.


  • Not user friendly.
  • It is free but requires domain and hosting for this.
  • Official theme available नही है.

9) has been created for educational purposes. This website has been made in WordPress.

This website was started in 2005 and till now it has more than 4 million blogs. As given in it on the home page.

If you also want to create a blog related to education, then this platform is a great option for you.

10) Squarespace

Squarespace is a very good platform for a small business, in which you get a lot of pre-made templates.

  • With the help of this platform, you can create a good and beautiful website using drag and drop builder in it.
  • Provides free ssl certificate. Their customer support is very good. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive.

If you want to know more about your blogger then click here 


You’ve been told about the top 10 free blogging sites list. In this case, the website also provides a paid service. Finally, we can say this. That’s google’s Blogspot. It is best to have Adsense approval available immediately.

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