How to Start a WordPress Blog Free 2022 | Guide for Beginners

Hello friends, in today’s article you will find complete details about the blog, by learning how to create your own blog and do your job.

In today’s article, you will be able to start a WordPress Blog.

To start a blog, you must first know what is Blog. If you know about a blog and it’s very good, if not now what is a blog? Know this first by reading the article.

How to Start a WordPress Blog

 Some people may also think about why should start a WordPress blog. So, according to me, I can say this is the best opportunity to launch a blog in 2022.

Blogging gets difficult every day but if you start today you have many opportunities. If you start a WordPress blog and go on like this, you will be benefiting from the blog.

  • Create your own identity – blogging is a place where you express yourself by writing something you love about your loved ones.
  • Help others and create an audience – you can help readers by writing articles on your blog and this will create an audience for you.
  • Earn money online – you can earn money with your blog by starting integrated marketing or google ads.

Start a WordPress Blog in 7 Steps

7 steps that I will tell you in this post today, using what you can build your blog and become a successful blogger.

I think you should have the idea to start blogging and how blogging will help you.

1) Choose a Niche For Blog

Those who are new bloggers don’t know the niche but this is the most important part.

You know that 99% of bloggers leave blogging within six months, the reason for this is that they do not choose their niche properly.

Niche is similar to the subject but also has many topics.

We are trying to understand a niche by example.

  • Smart passive income: – pat flynn has launched a blog called smart passive income. She shares strategies for growing an online business on her blogs. Today smart passive income is one of those successful blogs that make millions of dollars a month.
  • Shoumeloud: – you all know that shoumeloud is the most successful blogger. Shoumeloud was started by harsh aggarwal and writes blogs related to wordprss, seo, and blogging.

By the way, many other places make more money depending on their niche, as in the example above, both bloggers make millions of dollars.

Today there is such a profitable niche you can start a blog. But what I have said above, if you start blogging in the same way, then it is not right because you are not interested in it. Write a blog on interests.

You must write a post to match your niche or category if you want to rate quickly on google. Or you write only two posts a week, but the content length or word of the post must be at least 1000 in 2000.

2) Choose the Best Domain for your WordPress Blog

If you have chosen a niche, now the second important part of the domain name. The site is identified only by the domain name.

Friends, if you want to make a website, it will be first in all domains. If you purchased a domain name choice using a good keyword, then 50% of your website’s SEO goes around.

As you visit this site, then I buy this domain for this reason because in this you will find blogs related blogging with blogger.

By the way, you can create a free blog on Blogspot, but I would not advise you to build a free blog because you will have many restrictions on a free blog, so you can create a blog yourself.

To know more about a domain, what is our domain? Read this article, this will give you full details about the domain. To buy a domain, you must buy a domain only from the best and real companies like Siteground, Bluehost, hosting, Hostgator, etc.

It Is Important To Keep Some Things In Mind For The Domain-

  • When buying a domain, it is important to do a keyword research, this will help you identify a good domain.
  • To get more traffic on a website, you should always buy tld (top-level domain) domain means .com or .net.
Top Level Domain For WordPress Blog
  • tld (Top Level Domain) benefits that google adsense gets quick approval.
  • Domain name must be the same as your related subject, says the type of blog you are writing.
  • Never use a number in a domain name.
  • Domain name should not be too long, shorter it is, better better.

3) Select Best Web Hosting

Web hosting is a place where you store your texts, images, and files. Any user can view and download posts, files and photos on your site.

There are 2 types of web hosting

  1. Free hosting
  2. Paid second hosting

Free Web hosting

Free hosting gives you Blogspot, this is a Google service where you can create a blog free and has its own and hosted. Read this article knowing how to make a blog for free.

Paid Hosting

You should invest less in paid hosting. These days many such websites offer good web hosting. Read this article to get the best web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Before creating a website on WordPress, you need to take a hosting service, or otherwise, you can’t write your blogs because unless there is storage, how will you publish your article.

I also purchased hosting for this website from hosting. This site also provides web hosting at an affordable price.

It’s important to keep some things in mind while taking the hosting

  • if you are from india, you must see a branch service provider or its server is in india. I mean buy it from the country server because its upload speed ​​is fast.
  • Server response time will also be ok.
  • If that storage device provides an ssd, then the website speed ​​will be better.
  • SSL certificate must be available, by the way, nowadays companies offer free ssl certificates on hosting.
  • Alternatively another company is offering a discount at startup but if you renew now its price will be more expensive so keep all these things in mind.

4) Selection Blogging Platform

As you must be understanding yourself when you can buy domain and web hosting, now the essential part after that blogging platform.

Best Blogging Platform

If you have selected the right blogging platform it is right then on the website and from an SEO point of view. And you have to know which platform is right, then it doesn’t matter that, you don’t have to worry at all. Because now I’m going to tell you which platform to choose.

  • if you use free hosting to start blogging, blogger gives you 2 things. Hosting on another blogging platform. This means if you are using blogspot then you do not need to take a different blogging platform.
  • But if you take paid hosting. So you must install a blogging platform and a better and comfortable blogging platform by wordpress.

WordPress is the platform on which you can publish your article by writing it. You must install WordPress after hosting. After installing WordPress, the website requires some basic elements required.

Example: – blog name, blog URL, are some of the settings to be made in WordPress.

5) Selection WordPress Theme for Blog

After installing WordPress, now you need a great WordPress theme. Because a good view of a website is so important.

Start a WordPress Blog Theme

Choose a simple, stable theme.

For a blog, blog design is always important. If you do not have a good design then you lose a lot of vehicles and your audience. Because good design helps build good trust for your students.

There are many such free themes available in WordPress that you can use. But I do not advise you to go to them. Because the free hacking theme is also easy. If your website is corrupt you may lose all data.

The title content looks good and bright.

If you are critical of the blog and look at it as a business, then invest a little in this topic.

Many bloggers spend a lot of money on an article and ignore the content. But you should focus more on your content than on the topic.

Which Theme is best for you?

  • I personally use to manufacture a pressure machine and the one that is easy to mean very light. (at least. 50 kb). This team loads the website immediately.
  • Many top bloggers use this team because it is easy to design.
  • There are some articles i will tell you but there are some things to remember.
  • The premium theme you purchase should be easy to use.
  • Check that it is compatible with the latest version of wordpress.
  • Theme must always Responsive.
  • Good Communication Support like Generatepress or Themeshop.

Now I tell you such top themes

  1. Astra Pro
  2. Thrive Theme
  3. Scheme Theme
  4. GeneratePress
  5. Divi Theme
  6. Avada Theme
  7. Oceanwp

6) Choose WordPress Plugins

After installing the WordPress theme, now it is very important to have other WordPress plugins. Because by using plugins, we can give a new look to our article and we can make that more friendly.

Start a WordPress Blog Plubi

WordPress is nothing without plugins, although there are many such plugins in WordPress that I use to do some things on my website.

Plugins are also free. But you can start work with a free plugin.

Let me tell you about some plugins I use for my website.

  • Elementor or Thrive Architect
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Wp Rocket
  • Updraft Plus
  • Anti Snap
  • Social Snap Pro
  • Contact Us

The above plugins are all paid but also free but only limited.

Besides, if you want to know more about the plugin, then write the article I told you about the top 10 WordPress plugins with details, which you can use on your website.

7) How to write and publish the first post

If you delete the steps provided above, that means to set up your blog, then the most important thing now is for your category.

The article you are writing should have complete information about the topic. That’s why you can take google help. On google, search for your subject and read all articles. And read them and write a good article.

One thing must keep in mind you can never copy someone else’s article on google. No matter how you write the content, it should be yours.

When you start a blog, keep writing continuously, it’s not for the wrong date. Set your habit. Write at least 2 articles in a week.

Publish your articles individually, so that the visitor will continue to receive new information and visitors will continue to come to your blog.

So let me help you write the first post.

To create the first post, you must be posting to the dashboard and then click add new.

Start First Blog Post

There are some points to post that you should remember

• Always use the number to make your post more attractive.

• Within the title, make sure images are used to make your post greater.

• I suggest you go with the SEO page to make your content more accessible.

• Make sure you use words like me and you and your students.

• Never attempt to take copyrighted images from google.

The conclusion

Friends, if you follow the 7 steps given in the right way, then you will certainly succeed at blogging one day. You can make good money by blogging.

If you have doubts related to blogging in your mind after that you can ask us for comments and I will try my best to answer your comments.

If you like this post, then please share it with your friends for anyone who is a new blogger or wants to start work in a blog, then this message can show you are a good person in their life.

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