How to Use Flat Belly Tea for Boost Metabolism 2020

I started doing all the research I could on these superfoods that have been around for centuries…

And we are shocked to find that some of them even help the body to excrete stored fat. When I read that in one of the medical journals, I had to dig very deep…

I have learned that many cultures add these “great spices” to their morning or afternoon tea for THAT and other health reasons.

Because you would not just add these spices to your diet… there was a risk that you would not just cook all the nutrients.

The best way for the body to absorb them is to drink them.

  • In fact, you can make some absolutely delicious ingredients with a combination of superfoods. Each one feeds the body with a flood of antioxidants and nutrients you need to stay looking younger, healthier, stronger, and healthier.

Flat Belly Tea for Boost Metabolism

I was tired of reading about the next fad diet, the next “magical food” that would finally make the scale move and get you in shape…

I was tired of hearing how Suzie lost 50 pounds on a liquid diet or how Jeremy lost 85 pounds by going keto.

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Benefits of PureLife Organics

Flat Belly Pure Organics

Less fat storage

Our tea contains another “super-spice” that has been shown to actually prevent the conversion of sugar into your bloodstream into stored body fat. And studies have shown that it helps your body process and process carbs. Which means they are less likely to be stored as body fat1.

Healthier inflammation response

Tea supports a healthy inflammatory response at the cellular level by blocking the molecule2 key for inflammation.

Supporting healthy aging

The superfoods found in our tea are amazing at collecting these time bombs on the human body that can cause damage. One of our ingredients has been shown to be ten times more effective than Vitamin C in reducing harmful free radicals.

Clearer skin and healthy hair

Because the superfoods in our tea have been shown to support a healthy inflammatory and antioxidant response, many users have reported significant improvements in the appearance and sensitivity of their skin and hair over time4.

Lots of energy and focus.

One spice found in our tea supports mood and depression by increasing the production of serotonin and dopamine in the brain5.

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Ingredients – To lose Weight Naturally

Turmeric 4:1

The “magic ingredient” in my tea, Turmeric root has been used for thousands of years to support health, boost energy and promote a healthy lifestyle. We chose the specific Turmeric 4:1 variation because it’s the most powerful strength.


This potent ingredient gives every cup of our tea a GREAT flavor. It creates a heat-like sensation in the body and could help your body burn more over the course of the day.

Coconut Milk Powder

The main source of fat found in coconut is something called MCT oil. Many people trying to lose fat with the keto or low carb diets use MCT oil to help the body release more fat.

Black Pepper Extract

This may sound like a strange ingredient to put in your morning tea… but don’t worry — you won’t be tasting pepper first thing! It’s included in the tea to help maximize absorption of other ingredients.

Acacia Fiber (Prebiotic)

Acacia fiber comes from an organic tree sap… and studies show it’s capable of providing nourishment, helping to support healthy digestion.

Monk Fruit

Of course, we wanted our tea to be as TASTY as possible… without sacrificing any of its potential fat-burning properties… which is why we decided to include Monk Fruit. It’s sweeter than sugar and has zero calories.

Ginger Extract

For centuries, ginger has been used as an aid to support healthy digestion, helping to maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

Acacia Fiber (Prebiotic)

Acacia fiber comes from an organic tree sap. What it does is actually provide nourishment to support healthy digestion and absorption of other ingredients.

To Boose Our Metabolism

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