How to Off Page SEO Optimization For Website

Hello friends, welcome to our other great article. Today, through this article of ours, you will learn how to do Off Page SEO Optimization for website. SEO has a big hand in the success of any website or blog.

Because without SEO we cannot rank our website. When it comes to ranking the article in the search engine of the website.

So the first thing that comes to mind is Off-Page SEO because backlink is an important ranking factor in spite of having many ranking factors in search engines.

On-Page Optimization gives the best results to the website, if you pay attention to Off-Page SEO Optimization, then there will be benefits in increasing SERP Ranking and Website Traffic.

So today we will get detailed information about How to Off Page SEO Optimization of the Website.

What is Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is a technique by which the ranking of the website is brought to the search engine result page through backlinks and improves the website.

What is Off Page SEO ?

All those techniques that are performed on their site on another site and from them the ranking of our website increases in the Search Engine Result Page, it is called Off Page SEO.

Backlinks have the most important role in Off Page SEO. Off-Page SEO is negligible without Backlinks. Link building is important to rank any website in Off Page SEO. The more High Quality Backlinks your site gets, the more it will help in ranking.

How to do Off Page SEO Optimization for Website

There are many techniques to do Off-Page SEO, and there are many points, which come under Off-Page SEO. Under Off Page SEO comes Website Authority, Bounce Rate, Search Engine Submission, Social Sharing, Domain Age, Backlink, and Identity.

There are two types of authority, DA and PA.

DA means Domain Authority.
PA means Page Authority. If the DA and PA of your site are good, then it gets a lot of benefit in ranking, and along with this the value of the site also increases.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a matrix that tells what the value of a website is from the search engine perspective. What is the Reputation of any website in the eyes of Google or any other search engine?

It is calculated by the Domain Authority, Domain Authority is measured on the Logarithmic Scale. The domain authority of any blog depends on the domain age, traffic, backlink, and identity of the blog received by that blog.

Page Authority

Page authority (PA) is a metric that describes the ability of a website to rank in the search engine of a webpage, just as page authority describes the ranking ability of the entire domain.

Similarly, Page Authority increases the ranking ability of a single page. Like Domain Authority, Page Authority is calculated on the Logarithmic Scale. The webpage which has more Page Authority, that webpage has more qualifications in the search engine.


The website gets a lot of benefits by creating backlinks. Backlinks mean when you give a link to your website on any other site, whether in any way like by commenting or guest post.

If explained in simple language, giving a link to your blog through another blog in your own blog is called BackLinks. Creating backlinks increases both the Domain Authority and Page Authority of your site. A backlink is also of two types.

A. Do follow BackLinks

B. No Follow BackLinks

Do Follow Backlink means the link that follows on your site. Meaning you have given the link of your website to some other site and it is Do Follow, so when Google crawls that page, then your link being on that site will also come to your site.

With this, if that site is good, that means its DA, and PA is high, then the DA, and PA of your website will also increase. Do Follow BackLinks help in the SEO of your blog?

When you give a link to any other website/blog in your blog and do not put the tag of No Follow on it, then it is called Do Follow BackLinks.

No, Follow Backlinks do not help in the SEO of your blog, No Follow Backlink is just the opposite of Do Follow Backlink. When you give a link to any other website/blog in your blog. Put the tag No Follow on it.

So it is called No Follow BackLinks. With No Follow Back Link, you cannot go to Google or any search engine’s Crawl on your site.

Because when Crawlers from that site will not be able to come to your site. Although visitors can come to your site if there is no crawler then there is no question that the authority of the site will increase.

You only have to make Do Follow Backlink, which will benefit your site, and you have to make backlinks only on high authority sites.

Only then will you benefit. If you create a backlink from a site with low authority, then your site will not increase much authority.

Domain Age

Domain Age means how many years it has been since the domain was activated. In simple words, how many years have passed since a domain was purchased. The older your domain, the more importance the search engines give.

Because the old Domains are considered to be more reliable than the new ones. in SEO ranking

The maximum age of the domain is recognized. That’s why you can top rank the new domain with the old domain due to high quality and high-quality backlink profile in SERP.

Guest Posting

If you submit an article to another blog, and publish that post on your website onwar, then your post is called Guest Posting for that block.

If you understand in easy language, on writing a guest post on another site, the other site gives a backlink to your site, which improves the off-page SEO of your site.

Actually, it is an SEO Technique, which is used for Link Building. That is, through Guest Posting, you get High-Quality Do Follow Backlink. Helps to increase the rank of the website and bring more and more traffic to the website.


Identity means how much people know you. To make your mark in the blogging world, you have to give complete information about yourself on the About us page of your blog, as well as put your photo.

Apart from this, you can also make a YouTube video and put it on your blog, or if you have an interview on YouTube, you can also link it to the About us page. What happens with this is that the visitors coming to the website can get good information about you.

Bounce rate

Everyone Blogger wants to avoid Bounce rate, it is such a matrix, whose increase becomes a matter of concern for Blogger. Whenever a visitor comes to our website, and after reading just one page, without reading another page, he exits from our website immediately.

So it is called Bounce, whenever the bounce rate of a website is high, it is signaled to the search engine that this website is not good, and there is no good content on it.

To reduce the bounce rate, the loading speed of your website should be good. The content of the blog should be good.

You can also add a video to the post to increase the time spent on the visitor’s blog. If the bounce rate of a website is from 1 to 20 percent, it is the most successful website.

If the bounce rate of a website is more than 80% then there is a great need to work on that website. The bounce rate of 50 to 70 percent is better for a blog.

Search Engine Submission

This point is the main point for your website, in this point you only have to present your website and article in all search engines.

You will get an email from the site in which you have to submit the sitemap, you have to go to those webmaster tools and submit the sitemap so that the number of articles on your website.

Their link will be crawled and submitted to that search engine. By doing this, your website and website articles will appear and rank in the search engine, and from there traffic will also come.

But keep in mind that you have to keep checking with Google’s webmaster from time to time that there is no other error in the performance.

Social Share

If you share any of your articles on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest in, then traffic will come as well as your ranking in search engines will also increase from here.

So here you get a huge benefit of Social Sharing, but if you post more links on Facebook or other social media platforms.

Like if you are doing it 4, or 5 times in 1 day, then the social media site will block your account or that link, then you will not be able to share any link to your website.

So keeping these things in mind, you have to share the link of your article on social media, and try that people re-share it, then you will get more benefits in ranking and traffic.

QnA Website Quora

Quora is a Question and Answer (QnA) website where bloggers use this website to increase traffic to their website.

Here people answer the questions asked by others, and can also ask themselves, here you will get the first related to each Niche or Topic, which you can answer.

Now you have to tread carefully here, only then you can increase maximum traffic and earnings on your website.

First of all, you have to create an account here for free, in which you have to submit yourself and your blog with all the detailed links. After that, you have to search for questions related to your Niche, but you can write articles.

Then write a good answer to that question and post it and give a link to your website in the last. If the answer given by you would be perfect.

So the Visitor will definitely visit you after reading that article and click on the link given by you to read the rest of the article.


There is a comment box in everyone’s post, the more comments there are on the post, the higher is the page authority of that page. When someone comments on your post.

So you must reply to it, go to the website of others and share the link of your website through comments in their article.

Because if a visitor reads the comment of that article or comments on it, then the chances of clicking on the link given by you in that comment box increase.

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Friends, through this article, we have tried to give you complete information about How to Off Page SEO Optimization for a Website.

, I hope you liked this post of ours. If you have any queries related to this post, you can ask in the comment box. Apart from this, if you liked this post of ours, then definitely share it with all your friends.

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