How to Create Blog Free Website

How to Create Blog Free Website

If you want to make money online you must have a blog or website, to easily make money by staying home on a website or blog.

If you need any information, then we find information by searching without google

Have you ever seen anything we want from google, that information we get through a website or blog, google stores this website on its website.

First it is important to know what a website is? First of all, facebook comes to our mind that is the company and the biggest social networking website.

For this, we can chat online with the family, share photos and videos, although google is also a website that shows results by searching.

How to Create blog Free Website for Newbies

What is Website? How to Make Website

A website is called a collection of multiple web pages. Website is a type of site where our web pages are stored.

There is definitely some information on the web pages on the website. To open a website, we use another software we call a web browser. There are many types of web browser such as google chrome, opera, mozilla, uc browser etc.

If we have to make a website, then some things have to be cared for, like money comes first, then comes hosting, then comes like html (css, php etc) it is very important to note all this. If there is money, then you can find a site designed by developer.

We can create two types of web pages on a website.

Static Web Page

As its name suggests, such pages should not be changed to mean that they remain stable.

These pages look same to every user. Other pages like Aboutus, contact page, such strict pages when content does not change.

Dynamic Web Page

Dynamic web pages are the ones that are constantly changing. It means no fixed. There are different displays for different users, no more on powerful page.

Example – shopping sites, such web sites are powerful, displayed different for everyone. By the way, today bloggers only create powerful websites.

But if you want to know how to make a free website, you can do this again, you will find other such websites online that provide free services and can build a website easily without coding.

Now i will tell you the names of other websites to enroll and create a website from a website builder.

What is a Blog? How to do it?

Blog Is An Online Platform In Which Blogger Shares His Personal Ideas, Professional Experience, Passion, Hobby, Thoughts And His Lifestyle With The Whole World.

How to Create Blog Free

The concept of a blog is completely different from a website and is a source of information when we make a website related to any products.

You can share product details through blogs, the blog helps to improve anything with the world.

How to make a blog for free?

We should not spend one money for a free blog, you must learn to blog, if you are new, you should start with the free one, if you understand it well then you can invest in it.

Two Most Popular Platform For Free Blog 

  • Blogger 
  • WordPress 

If you want to know how to create a blog for wordpress and blogger, i’ve talked about it below.

What are the things needed to make a blog?

Blog topic

A blogger needs a topic to create a blog, on which you can write articles and publish in the blog. Because there is no idea to start a blog without a topic. If you have a good topic then start blogging.

Gmail account

Second, it is very important for blogger to have a gmail account after deciding the topic because without a gmail account you cannot create a blog. Gmail account is very simple. The same login id and password of blogger is also created which is of your gmail account.

For blogger, you should not use any other email id like and

Custom domain

To create any website or blog, a domain is needed, even without a domain, you cannot create a website or blog. In blogger, you get a sub domain which is absolutely free. But if you want to take custom domain then you have to purchase.

If you want to know more about domain and want to take domain from a good site, then you can buy your own domain by reading this article.


Blogger provides you some templates for free but there is no new template, it is old. But don’t worry, you can download responsive template for free on the internet.

Responsive templates are those which are compatible for all devices like mobile, laptop, ipad etc.

How to Create Free Blog in Blogger?

However, i mentioned in the last article that blogger is the only google service, it should only have your gmail account, so we can access blogger –

  • First of all open browser on your computer and type or .
create free blog in blogger-01
  • After opening the blogspot site, you will see a screen like the one given above.
  • After that click on your sing in, if you are already logged in with gmail id then this signin option is not needed.
  • Then click on create your blog.
  • On clicking, such a screen will appear in front of you.
create free blog in blogger-02
  • Where you write your name in the display name box of blogger profile .
  • After that click on continue to blogger.
  • After clicking on continue to blogger, a page opens in blogger in which you have to click on create new page.
create free blog in blogger-03
  • After clicking on create new blog, a popup window will appear in front of you, in which you will see options like title, address and theme.
    • In the title, write the name of the blog you want to name. As i have input teckbloggerkey in the title. By the way, you also have to enter a title for your blog.
    • In the address, you have to enter the address means url of the blog. As soon as you input an address in it, .blogspot will automatically be installed with it as default.
    • If you want to remove blogspot then you have to purchase custom domain.
    • You cannot take the url according to your wish in the address because if someone has already taken it. Then you will not get it. Then you have to take some alternative to it.
    • By the way, if you already have a domain name, then it is also good, it will give you a professional look.
    • After inputting the address, you have to select one of the themes. Where you will find some templates already, you have to select any of these designs.
    • After selecting you click on create blog.
create free blog in blogger-05
  • After clicking on create blog, you will get the complete dashboard of your blog.
  • In the dashboard, you will find many tools on the left side by which you control the blog.
create free blog in blogger-06
  • As you are seeing the screen above where no post has been created. To create the post “there are no posts. Click on “create a new post” option.
  • Before writing a blog post, i want to give you an advice that you should go to the dashboard of blogspot and create pages like aboutus, contact page, privacy policy.
  • After that the most important thing that you have to do. You have uploaded a good looking template by changing the default template of your blog. You can download the template from the internet.
  • If you want to insert a new article, then you have to click on the new post button above.
  • After clicking on new post, you will see a format like this on the screen.
create free blog in blogger-07
  • This is the place where articles are written and published.
  • At the top you have to give the title of the article. Means to give heading.
  • The article has to be written in the box below the heading, this is the body area of ​​the article in which the article is written and formatting is also done.
  • After you have written the entire article, there is a button named publish in the right hand side. On which you have to click.
  • This will publish your article.

Here i tell you all the steps to how to publish an article by creating a new blog. You must also follow these steps.

How to Create a Free Blog or Website on WordPress?

It’s very easy to build a blog in wordpress and, so let’s see how it is made –

  1. First type in your computer browser.
  2. You will see more options within products there. Like blogs, websites, domain, Ecommerce, etc. If we want to build a blog, then choose content from the website or the blog. So you can choose any of these options.
  1. a blog, then choose either for website or blog. So you can choose any of these options. 
Create Free blog in WordPress 01
  • On clicking on the blog, the next page that will open will be of wordpress account.
  • Now if a wordpress account is already created, then you have to click on the log in option given below, but if not, then you can create an account by entering your email address, username and password.
  • If your gmail account is created, then you can click on the button below continue with google.
Create Free Blog Website 02
  • If you click on continue with google, then your gmail account is already logged in or you can log in with gmail.
  • Now you have to select the domain name for wordpress blog which should be different.
  • Even after that you click on select free plan only. 
Create Free Blog Website 03
  • As i have created my own domain name in the name of techbloggerkey, then you can create your own domain name according to your niche.
  • If you want to buy paid domain then you will show you in the below 2 boxes as one is .in and the other is from .tech.
  • But to buy for free, click on the select button at the bottom where the arrow is visible. By which your domain will be created.
  • To purchase from .in, you do not incur registration fees for the first year, but when you renew, you will have to pay rs.
  • As soon as you click on the free option, then you have to click on start with a free site in your next window.
  • On clicking, the dashboard of wordpress will come in front of you. As you are seeing in the screen below.
Create Free Blog Website 05
  • Now after this give the name of the site which will be on clicking on the start button.
  • In this, you will be asked the title name and tagline, after entering it, you have to click on launch site.
  • Now your site is completely ready.
  • After this you have to create posts
  • To create a post, first click on the posts option. Then go to add new post.
Create Free Blog Website 06
  • Before creating the post, you can customize the theme or you can apply a new theme and some theme is already installed in WordPress. Who can change according to his wish.
  • There are some tools of WordPress in the left side bar, which you can use to give a great look to the site.
  • Pages can also be created. But keep in mind that this is your free plan, you cannot customize so much in this. Which is done using the paid method.
  • Whenever you login, you will have to do it through only.

Friends, it is in WordPress that how can we create a blog for free. If you follow these steps, then your WordPress blog will be ready in an easy way.

The Conclusion

In this post, we learned how to Create blog Free on blogger or WordPress. But if you have doubts you can ask us by commenting. I will try my best to reply to your comments.

If you need any information related to this, then you can ask us.

Friends, if you like this post, then please share it with your friends because if new bloggers will read this post they can easily create their own blog.

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