What is White Hat SEO? 10 Best White Hat Techniques in SEO?

In today’s post, we will talk about 10 Best white hat techniques in seo and why it is important to a website? If you are a new blogger or have little experience in starting a blog, then you should know about white hat seo techniques. What the white hat is so important on our website or blog.

The white hat seo of our website that we use properly. And black hat seo we use in the wrong way of the website.

Those who are newbies now may not know about these two. Both of these are the seo processes we use for our web links. But in this post today we will learn about white hat seo.

From an seo perspective, white hat seo is the best way to our website, by using this way you can bring a better stream to your website.

White hat seo target users also provides accurate information on logo. Follows all seo guidelines and also verifies that the index is made by a search engine user can read those articles.

Type Of SEO Techniques

What is White Hat SEO?

White hat seo is one such way by which you can become a successful blogger. If you seo the post according to the rules of google or all other search engines.

White hat techniques in SEO

Best White Hat Techniques in SEO

The ways we use to make our website search engine friendly also called the white hat .seo technique. And it helps us to use wrong ways.

1. Website Speed

Websites that open quickly get a lot of benefits in search engines. And their ranking also increases.

2. Quality Content

Content is very important in SEO technology. Content posted is better, better benefits of search engine optimization because you need to hear what it really is. If you write good quality content, then the chances of getting your top rated article more.

3. Title & Meta Description and Keywords

Always use correct title and meta details for your post. Because when we use the right title and meta data and it comes only under white hat seo.

And you can quickly write your article in the search engine.

You should always use keywords in the title and meta data, very good in terms of seo.

Where keywords should be used –

  • Post Title
  • Submit a URL
  • Post Meta Description
  • First Paragraph of Post
  • Heading Elements
  • Image Alt Tag

4. Inbound Links and Link Building

If you find links to links to your website backlinks, then increase your website authorization in search engines.

But this link is used both to create a black hat and a white hat. But if you build a link in an honest way then it is a white hat or a black hat. With this, it is very important that you read backlinks, what is a backlink and why it is important for a website?

5. Easy Navigation

The best design for your website or blog designed, where user will like it and not only good for google but also for other search engines.

6) Keyword Density

Maximum keyword means repetition of any keyword repeatedly within a post.

Keyword plant has an important role in white hat seo. Whenever you write a post, always pay attention to keyword density in it. If you use keyword plans then white hat seo post turns black hat seo. If possible, use keywords related to that focus keyword.

Note: – keyword rate always save more than 2% for your post.

You can use yoast seo or rank math seo for keyword density.

7) Image optimizing 

Depending on the search engine, it is very important to make the image work. It has many features.

First press image before uploading image. Small png tools can be used for pressing.

It is very important to always provide an image alt tag when you upload it. Because search tools are set only with alt tag image apk.

Anyone posting an image in their post, must be like that. Keep this in mind.

8) Improve website speed.

Page speed or website plays an important role in white hat seo. Apki website upload speed ​​must be fast. This is a growing feature of google.

If the apki website begins to be launched within 3 seconds so it is better if it takes extra time and does not deserve you.

You can use the tools provided in niche to check the speed ​​of your website page.

9) How to make the website Mobile Friendly

Google launched mobile friendly algorithm in march 2015. The name of this algorithm is “mobilegeddon”.

According to a google survey, more than 60% of people use the internet from a mobile phone. And doing again.

If your website is not mobile it’s very hard to get a position serp result.

You can use the google search console console tool to test mobile usage.

Click To Know More Details – White Hat SEO Tecniques 

The conclusion

In today’s post you learn what you need to know about white hat seo techniques. If you use these ways of your website, then you can also bring traffic to your website and add visitors.

If you like this post, then certainly share this post again and if there are any doubts related to this post do not comment, i will try my best to respond to your comments.

Thank you so much for reading this post!





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