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Hello friends, today we will do in this article how to choose a blogging platform. By the way, there are many blogging platforms. We can manage our content more. But I don’t know which platform is right.

Google Blogger vs WordPress vs tumbler? All three of these popular platforms. But we’ll talk 2 only on these platforms.

Those who are new bloggers first use google Blogspot. Later they switch to WordPress but this does not mean Blogspot is bad, there are many blogs like that. What’s on Blogspot.

Let me tell you one thing, WordPress offers two-way services, one for free and the other for a fee. Free service is available at and paid service is available at

Let’s start with which blogging platform is best?

Which is better for Google Blogger vs WordPress

Why use Blogger?

  • It’s easy to blog on blogger because it’s easy to convert or keep a blog on blogger.
  • Secondly is google’s top company product and completely billed.
  • New blogger does not require money to blog, so those new bloggers are using this first.
  • To create a blog, you just need a gmail account, with no technical information needed.

Note:- Most importantly there is no need to purchase any domain name or hosting. You get both things free.

It is also completely safe because it is a Google product.

Why use WordPress?

  • WordPress is a very good platform for those who want to do professional blogging.
  • Secondly, if you want to make a career in blogging, then in wordpress you get thousands of free plugins and themes, whose only click can make your web pages attractive.
  • WordPress requires both a domain name and hosting. From which a blog can be created.
  • You will also have to spend money for wordpress. It’s not free.

What is WordPress? Why it is important for Website?

Using WordPress is as easy as blogger. There is one thing, if you have created a blog in WordPress once, you will be building a blog in WordPress itself because it has more space than blogger.

You can create a blog in WordPress for both free and paid, so WordPress offers its two types of services.

One is another

If you don’t want to invest then is your best platform. In this case, you do not have a status, or affair hosting or web server.

Creating a blog on is really free. For this we can also customize our website or blog. But there is another wrong again

  • To this by adding your own
  • You can use the same topics they provided. Cannot use separately provide see your website.
  • Also do not use any plugin.


If you have your own domain or hosting. Or if you want to build a website by buying your domain and hosting, is best for you.

It has many benefits –

  • With this you can select a high level domain
  • By buying good hosting, you can host your website on it.
  • WordPress has 50316 plugins and you can use any plugin depending on your website.
  • Users find thousands of articles from it through their website or blog. We can add and give a new look to our website.
  • It is also a responsive theme. WordPress can have more than one user.

Google Blogger vs WordPress

Best Google Blogger vs WordPress

1) Ownership


Blogger first started pyra labs company. After that Google was bought in 2003 and now blogger or Blogspot is Google own assets.

In this case, all information is Google server, Google own. You can’t reach it.

All you need is to have a gmail account in blogger, from this only you can create a blog.

You can create up to 100 blogs with just one account.

You can’t make full control on blogger, only this time Google has control. Google can delete your account anytime it wants.

Google does not delete anyone’s account as if you did not follow Blogspot policy, then it could delete your website.

Earlier you should have heard that Google had shut down its popular services like Google reader and Google+ some time ago. This is why there is no guarantee that blogger is also safe.


WordPress is an open source software updated may 27, 2003. After downloading WordPress hosting read installation. You own your own. In this case, the power of full control is in your hand. You can turn it off and on whenever you want.

No one else can remove your blog from this. In this you can also use the plug for security.

You can also transfer your website to other WordPress hosting.

Security related plugin –

  • Jatpack
  • Themes security

Winner: WordPress

2)  Cost (Free or Paid)

Money Google Blogger vs WordPress


If it costs, no one can beat blogger. This platform is really free. Blogger also provides a background like i have a blog on Blogspot

You can also set up a custom domain on the blog, which means you can change the free domain on a paid domain. So for this you will have to pay about $ 10.

If you are new, then choose free bloggspot, you will begin to get more ideas.

I restarted your work from Blogspot later i changed it to a custom domain.


Talking about expenses in WordPress, it’s not free, you have to pay money with it. You will need a domain name and web hosting to be able to create a blog in WordPress.

If you want to know about some of the best web hosting, then you can choose the best web hosting by reading this article.

Best 5+ Black Friday Web Hosting Sale 2021 [up to 99% Off]

If a blog is created in WordPress, then you should not use free domain and hosting because your blog will never grow.

If i suggest a theme, then it’s available both. The cost of a blogger template is less than a WordPress template.

Resolution: when costs are finally discussed, blogger is the best because it provides the background.

3) Design and features


When i talk about template. Template is a design that we can give a view to on our blog. The official template is too small for blogger, so it’s hard to modify it properly.

There are many websites that offer free premium templates but their quality is very low.

The design of all themes looks similar to blogger, you can see or Blogspot by search on Google.


There is no shortage of templates in WordPress, in this you will get both free and paid templates for your website.

You can take as many themes the way you want in WordPress, using what you can design or give your blog a personal look.

Or if you want to create a related blog for any field, you’ll find a related theme in WordPress.

Where i am telling you some third-party websites from where you can buy the theme –


In wordpress.Org You Will Find So Many Plugins And Themes That You Can Give It The Same Way You Want To Give The Look To Your Website.

Decision: – If We Talk In The End, Then wordpress Is Ahead Of Blogger According To The Best Features.

4) Search Engine Optimization

SEO Google Blogger vs WordPress


If we talk about seo, then blogger has become good according to earlier but not even that much. Because there is not much option.

Google never even updated seo in the case of blogger.


If you create your website in wordpress, then you will get many free tools of seo available in it, which will greatly increase the performance of your website.

WordPress is seo friendly so that the plugins are both free and paid.

In the same way, i am telling you the names of some plugins which increase a lot, bloggers use it-

  • Yoast seo plugin
  • Social media sharing
  • Jetpack
  • Wp rocket
  • Broken link checker

If all these tools help you a lot in doing seo for your website.

Still, if you want to know seo in details, then you can read the article given below.

5) Security

Security Google Blogger vs WordPress


If we talk about security, then there is no security concern on Google. Google provides full protection on your blog.

No one can easily create your blog on Google, no matter how much traffic comes.

Google manages to keep the speed of the blog from slowing down or the visitor growing.


Speaking of WordPress security, WordPress is also safe, but in this case you have to keep one thing in mind.

If you are buying limited hosting, then more guides will not be managed, so for this you must buy a powerful server.

There are many such plugins in WordPress that keep them safe from hackers. And keep your blog safe.

Those who are new bloggers build a website in WordPress but don’t focus on security, while it’s very important.

WordPress is self-contained, so its security is our responsibility.

Decision: – therefore, in terms of security, blogger security is better than WordPress.

6) Storage


Last talking to blogger, totally free. But storage capacity is limited.

Google gives you 1 gb minimum space when visible. If you want more storage, then use Google drive, found 15 gb extra space to save files.


Speaking of WordPress storage, its storage depends on hosting because when you buy a program, you get storage based on this.

When buying hosting, you must find which hosting company provides good hosting storage.

If you are new then i would suggest you choose blogger. Because blogger gives us free storage.

With WordPress you can get unlimited storage, depending on your plan.

Decision: you can upgrade storage to WordPress on your own.

7) Renewal

Update Google Blogger vs WordPress


Google has not updated blogger for a long time. Template added but content editor expired.

Over the past few years, he has suspended many products, so no one knows that blogger will also continue to work in the future.


WordPress keeps updating its software from time to time. Due to this being an open source software, this company or developer is not dependent on it.

WordPress has restored its standard editor to gutenberg editor from time to time and is the same as the page builder plugin.

If visible to blogger and WordPress, then most company depends on WordPress.

Decision: WordPress is better than blogger update.

8) Transfer

Transfer Google Blogger vs WordPress


If you want to submit your website to blogger, it will be a little hard. Blogger provides external support services but this is not always the same on some platforms.

Redirecting website to blogger reads increased results in seo. Because visitors are reduced and traffic will be inadequate. Because your hard work will hurt us.

There is a problem posting to blogger that your content can be duplicated.


Easy to transfer other hosting on WordPress. Before uploading it to another WordPress server, take a backup. You can also take a backup by hand and this way is great.

You can also use the plugin in WordPress to backup.

Decision: – in terms of transfer terms, WordPress is much better than blogger.

9) Making money (partnership program)


You can do marketing in the blogger limit because there are many unwanted websites.


The best platform for affiliate marketing is WordPress, in this you can build good traffic and all the company gives approval to it.

In hindsight, WordPress is the best of both.

10) Earn money


Blogger is best in adsense terms because both adsense and blogger are a product and Google approval is easy to find. Just for this you must have at least 10 out of 15 posts.


There are many rules to follow to get approval from WordPress as well.

  • Must be properly submitted.
  • It is very important to have information, information, privacy pages on the website.

But if we talk about getting both, then you can do more in WordPress because more traffic is produced on it.

The conclusion

If you are a new blogger Blogspot is best to learn but if you want to do a blog work or want to be a top blogger then the best WordPress option from blogger is ok.

Finally, i would like to say that WordPress is the best blogging platform if you have series in blogging. If you have doubts related to this post please ask us by commenting below and i will try to respond to your comments.

But if you like this post, please don’t forget to share.

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