9th Class Word Processor Short Answer Questions [CBSE]

In this page, I will explained short answer type questions of 9th Class Word processor (Digital Documentation) unit. In this, you will learn all types of questions answers related to word processor. These questions are very important for IT(Information Technology) Exam under CBSE and Haryana Board.

9th Class Word Processor Short Answer Type Questions

9th class Word Processor CBSE

Q:-         What are Word Processor ? Give me example.

Ans:-      A word processor is a software which provides a general set of tools for entering, editing and formatting text that permit operations to be performed for more rapidly and more efficiently e.g., WordStar, Ms-Word, OpenOffice.org Writer etc.

Q:-         What do you mean by the term word wrapping?

Ans:-      Placement of text going past the right margin to the next line is called word wrap. This is one of the features which is there in nearly all word-processors and is by default ON.

Q:-         While entering text with Writer, which key marks the end of a paragraph ?

Ans:-      The enter key marks the end of a paragraph and the paragraph mark is shown in the extreme right of the line.

Q:-         What are non printing characters and how will you be able to see them in Writer?

Ans:-      The characters which do not appear on paper when we print a document are known as non-printing characters. E.g., space bar, enter key, tab key etc. we will be able to see them through the show/hide button available on the standard Toolbar. The shortcut key in Writer, for the same is CTRL+F10.

Q:-         What are margin in word processing terminology and how many different types of margins are available ?

Ans:-      The distance from the text to the paper’s edge is called margin. There are four types of margins – Top margins, Bottom Margins, Left Margins, Right Margins.

Q:-         Define Indentation.

Ans:-      The distance between the page margins and the text boundaries is called indent, and the process of providing it is called indentation.

Q:-         what is meant by text alignment?

Ans:-      Tex t alignment refers to the text layout within a paragraph with respect to document margin. For example, left, right, centre, justified etc.

Q:-         What do you understand by the term clipboard ?

Ans:-      The clipboard is that temporary storage are, which is used for keeping the out/copied text/graphics. This cut/copied  text/graphics can be used for copying/pasting it elsewhere.

Q:-         What is the difference between copying and moving a block of text?

Ans:-      Moving block means removing (cutting) a block of text from one location and inserting it at another location.

Copying text means making a copy, inserting a copy of block at another location, leaving the original unchanged.

9th Class Word Processor Short Answer Type Questions

Q:-         What is the utility of. Find option “whole words only”?

Ans:-      By default, find utility matches exactly matching characters of the search word whether it forms the complete word or is a part of another word/pharase. For example, if we search for “eat” with default settings, find utility will match words like “eat”, “beat”, “treat”, “eaten” etc.  i.e. every word/phrase that matches “eat” fully or partially.

But if we want to search for full word “eat” only and not parts of other words, we can select find option “Whole words only”. After this , find will match only whole words “eat” with the search phrase.

Q:-         What is the use of setting up writer options?

Ans:-      The settings chosen on the pages in the OpenOffice.org Writer section of the Options dialog box determine how the text documents created in Writer will look and behave while one is working on them.

One can setup options like default measurement unit, grid, space, what all to be visible etc.

Q:-         What is the use of general options of OpenOffice Writer?

Ans:-      The OpenOffice.org Writer’s General options affect the updating of links and fields, the units used for rulers and other measurements, and the default tab stop positions.

Q:-         How is setting up of Formatting Aids options useful ?

Ans:-      The formatting Aids options are used to set up various non-graphic things useful for formatting. The display of symbols such as paragraph ends and tabs help when writing, editing, and doing page layout. For example, one might want to know if any blank paragraphs or tabs are included or if any tables or graphics are too wide and intrude into margins of the page.

Q:-         What is meant by formatting a document ?

Ans:-      The general arrangement of text is called formatting. Formatting provides documents a neat and more legible outlook. It makes a document presentable.

Q:-         what are most common paragraph formatting options ?

Ans:-      Most common paragraph formatting options are : paragraph alignment, before, after and first line spacing, text indentation, line spacing etc.

Q:-         what is line spacing?

Ans:-      The Line spacing determines the spacing between two lines formatted with the style. The Proportional spacing requires specifying the percentage of a line to be used as spacing; 100% corresponds to a single line, 200% to a double line, 50% to half a line.

Q:-         What are the most common character formatting options?

Ans:-      Most common character formatting options are : text styles (bold/italic/underline), font name(s), subscript/superscript, font colour etc.

Q:-         What is the significance of page formatting ?

Ans:-      Page formatting is very important for a document’s overall look and presentation. Its features such as page size, margins, page orientation, header and footer etc., play a very important role in overall presentation of the document.

Q:-         What is page Orientation?

Ans:-      The direction in which a page is printed, is called page orientation. There are two types of page orientations :

  • Portrait . Length wise
  • Landscape .width wise

Q:-         What is Footer?

Ans:-      Footer is some text/numer/graphic that is repeated on every page’s bottom area.

Q:-         How is a header different from footer ?

Ans:-      Header is some text/number/graphic that is repeated on every page’s top area rather than botton area as is the case with footer.

Q:-         How do you set up the page orientation in Writer ?


  1. Click format -> Page Command.
  2. Page style dialog will appear
    1. On its page tab, click on desired orientation
  3. Click Ok.

Q:-         What is AutoCorrect ? how is it useful ?

Ans:-      The Autocorrect feature is a special feature that automatically corrects the misspelt words as one types in the Writer. Writer maintains a list of misspelt words along with their corrected spellings. As soon as the user types a wrong word for which a correction is part of the autocorrect list, writer will automatically replace the wrong spelling with the correct one.

Q:-         How is AutoText feature useful?

Ans:-      The AutoText feature is very useful as it lets us define shortcut terms and their expanded phrases. In order to type these phrases, we just need to type the shortcut and press F3.

It makes the typing easier and faster. Also, pre-typed autotext phrases reduce the chances of misspelt words.

Q:-         What is a break? How many types of breaks can you insert in Writer ?

Ans:-      Break is a special software code inserted in a line or column or page that breaks the text from regular flow and moves it to next line or column or page.

We can insert three types of breaks in writer.

These are : Line Break, column break and page break.

Q:-         How are table useful?

Ans:-      Tables organize information in rows and columns. A table represents related numbers, information, or facts in an organized way. Tables can also used to list definition, organize data and ideas, or record facts.

Q:-         Write the term of Table.

Ans:-      Tables are made up of horizontal rows and vertical columns, with lines or borders around each column and row. A cell is a single box where a row and column intersact. Cells are where we put your information (text or numbers).

Q:-         What do you mean by previewing a document ?

Ans:-      Page preview means previewing  a document prior to being printed, that is, viewing to see how the document will actually look when printed.

Q:-         How are tables of Writer useful ?

Ans:-      Tables organize information in rows and columns. A table represents related numbers, information, or facts in an organized way. Tables can also be used to list definitions, organize data and ideas, or record facts.

Q:-         What is a Mail Merge Facility ?

Ans:-      Mail Merge facility is used when one wants to create a set of documents that are essentially the same but where  each document contains unique personalized elements. For example, in a letter that announces a new product, the company logo and the text about the product will appear in each letter and the address and greeting line will be different in each letter. Using mail merge, one can create :

Personalized letters contents is same but the receiver’s details are different on each letter.

A set of labels the destination address is unique on each label.

A set of envelopes the return address is the same on all the envelopes, but the destination address is unique on each one.

Q:-         What is the actual use of mail merge feature available in word processor?

Ans:-      In our daily life many applications required documents, letters containing similar text and a common layout to be sent to a number of persons. The mail merge feature merges documents containing similar information with some differences (like names, address etc.) in a very quick and easy way.

Q:-         What are the required steps to complete the basic mail-merge process ?

Ans:-      to complete the basic mail merge process, one must do the following :

  • Open or create a main document.
  • Open or create a data source with individual recipient information.
  • Add or customize merge fields in the main document.
  • Merge data from the data source in the main document to create a new, merged document.

In Writer, mail merge facilities are available through Tools -> Mail Merge

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