10th Class Word Processor Short Answer Questions [CBSE]

In this page, I will explained short answer type questions of 10th Class Word processor (Digital Documentation) unit. In this, you will learn all types of questions answers related to word processor. These questions are very important for IT(Information Technology) Exam under CBSE and Haryana Board.

10th Class Word Processor Question Answers (English)

Q:-         What are Styles?

Ans:-      A style in a word processor, is a named collection of various formatting information and settings that defines the look and behavior of document components, such as a paragraph, or a page or a group of selected characters etc., associated with this style.

Q:-         What are Character Styles ? How are these different from paragraph styles ?

Ans:-      Character styles complement paragraph styles and are applied to groups of characters, rather than whole paragraphs. They are mainly used when you want to change the appearance or attributes of parts of paragraph without affecting other parts.

Q:-         How to Fill format useful for applying styles?

Ans:-      this method is useful when we need to format many scattered paragraphs, words, or other items with the same style, and it may be easier to use than making multiple selections first and then applying a style to all of them.

Q:-         Name some types of drawing objects supported by writer.

Ans:-      autoshapes, curves, lines, graphic, TextArts.

Q:-         Which toolbar would you use to insert (i) line (ii) arrow (iii) textbox, (iv) picture from Gallery

Ans:-      if you want to draw line, arrow and text box then you have to go Drawing Toolbar and For picture from gallery go to standard toolbar.

Q:-         how is cropping different from scaling?

Ans:-      Cropping means removing unwanted area from an image starting from its boundary. In cropping, only a part of the original image remains.

Scaling means changing the size of a full image. Here image remains full but its height and width are different with respect to the original image.

Q:-         What is the actual use of mail merge feature available in word processors ?

Ans:-      In our daily life many applications required documents, letters containing similar text and a common Layout to be sent to a number of persons. The mail merge feature documents containing similar information with some differences (like names, addresses etc.) in a very quick and easy way.

10th Class Word Processor Question Answers (English)

Q:-         Discuss the role of three main components of mail merge- the main document, the database, the merge fields.

Ans:-      The main document contains the text of the document along with placeholders for data from the database

The database hold the actual records in various fields.

Merge fields are the placeholders in the main document, which fetch data from each record of the database and then the document is printed for that fetched record.

The procedure is repeated until all records of the database are fetched and printed.

Q:-         What are templates ? How are they useful ?

Ans:-      A template is a document which has been designed with pre-existing themes, styles and layouts which are like fill-in-the-blanks type documents instead of the real content.  Templates are a great way to save time and create consistent documents.

Q:-         What is a table of contents ? how is it useful ?

Ans:-      A table of contents abbreviated informally as TOC, is a list, usually found on a page before the start of a written work, of its chapter headings, topic headings, section titles or brief descriptions with their commencing page numbers.

TOC is very useful as it lists the page numbers of headings and thus reaching to a particular heading/section becomes much easier with TOC.

Q:-         Is hierarchy of headings related to TOC ? How ?

Ans:-      the table of contents is very much linked  to the hierarchy of headings as it lists the entries in TOC as the levels of headings in the Hierarchy of headings. Higher level headings appear before the lower level headings in TOC.

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