10th Class Spreadsheet Short Answer Questions [CBSE]

In this page, I will explained short answer type questions of 10th Class Spreadsheet (Electronic Spreadsheet) unit. In this, you will learn all types of questions answers related to Electronic Spreadsheet. These questions are very important for IT(Information Technology) Exam under CBSE and Haryana Board. These questions will prove to be very good for your exam.

10th Class Spreadsheet Short Answer Type Questions

Q:-         What is Data consolidation ?

Ans:-      Data-Consolidation is a process of considering data from several worksheets and preparing a consolidated single summary report out of it.

Data consolidation facilities easier editing and viewing of information since it shows the data in aggregate/ summary form.

Q:-         What do you understand by “What-if analysis” ? What is its significance ?

Ans:-      What-if analysis is the process of determining the effects on outcomes in a spreadsheet calculation through systematic changes in the input.

It is useful for analysing different input values and their impact on the outcome. this way, a one can take better decisions based on the different inputs and their outcomes

Q:-         what are various what-if tools available in Calc ?

Ans:-      Open Office Calc makes available these commonly used what-if tools :

  • Scenarios
  • Goal Seek
  • Solver

Q:-         How is what-if analysis carried out through scenarios in a worksheet ?

Ans:-      in a worksheet, to carry out what-if analysis through scenarios, following procedure is done :

  • Preparing worksheet with input cells and the outcome cell that calculates results based on the input values.
  • Selecting the cells containing the input values.
  • Changing the values in input cells to see how those changes will affect the outcome of formulas on the worksheet.
  • Using several different sets of values in one or more formulas to explore all the various results.

Q:-         Give some example situations, where what-if analysis is useful ?

Ans:-      what-if analysis is useful in many situations, such as :

For proposing different budgets based on revenue.

For predicting the future values based on the given historical values.

Q:-         Which menu of Calc is used for carrying out What-if analysis?

Ans:-      Tools Menu

Q:-         what is the need of using multiple sheets in a workbook ? Give example.

Ans:-      Multiple sheets help keep information organized in a workbook. Different data can be stored in separate sheets for a better organization. However, when the need arses, these separate sheets can be linked too and this ways all the data can be used even while it is in different sheets.

10th Class Spreadsheet Short Answer Type Questions

Q:-         what are document hyperlinks ? How are they useful ?

Ans:-      a Document hyperlink is a link, clicking on which opens the linked document such as a spreadsheet or a text document or an image file and so on.

Hyperlinks are very useful when additional information is also required along with a document. In that case, rather than adding the contents of additional information, a hyperlink to separate document can be provided.

Q:-         What is the need for sharing documents ?

Ans:-      sharing of a document means when multiple users can view, edit or review the changes made in a document. This sharing of documents is useful when there are multiple stakeholders for a document.

Q:-         List some features which are not available in Shared document mode.

Ans:-      Some features which are not available in shared document mode are :

Edit -> Changes, except for merge document

Edit -> Compare Document

Edit -> Sheet -> Move/Copy and delete

Data -> Short

Data -> Subtotals

Q:-         When is merging of two documents useful ?

Ans:-      When multiple reviewers work on common document and give multiple edited documents. The merging of these documents is useful. The reason being that in such cases, the ideal way for the authority will be to view all the changes made by all reviewers at once so that they can take decisions in one go.

Q:-         What are macros ? How are they useful ?

Ans:-      A macro is a saved, named sequence of commands or keystrokes that are stored for later use. Macros are useful when same set of keystrokes/actions/tasks are to be repeated. Using macros, one needs to perform these actions/tasks only one and record their sequence, which later can be re-run as many times as needed.

Q:-         List some advantages offered by Macros.


  • Macros automate the repetitive keystrokes and tasks.
  • Macros reduce the possibility of human error that increases with many, repetitive keystrokes and tasks.
  • Macros reduce the amount of time spent in basic, repetitive computing tasks, i.e., they make things faster.
  • Macros are usuful for making complex computations easier to perform by storing them in a name, which can re-run every time one needs to perform the same complex computations.

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